Biden FUMBLES All Over Himself In Latest Gaffe-Ridden Speech. Americans ARENT SUPPORTING HIM.


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  1. Just remember when we end up spending the NEXT 20 years and billions more of your dollars in Afghanistan, it's because Joe Biden gave the Taliban all the land, weapons, equipment, money, and legitimacy they needed to keep fighting.

  2. The CCP BIDEN regime is a joke. It really is the OBAMA 3rd term. All of these players are from the OBAMA regime. BIDEN is a trojan horse, he will NEVER be removed. The OBAMA regime needs this idiot continue the OBAMA destruction of America. IMPEACH 46. This Afghan crisis is all on CCP BIDEN. Nobody else. He is mad at himself. He got caught at another crisis at his own making.. 9/5/21, this the 22 day of the U.S. Afghan hostage crisis, the count up continues.

  3. Biden is the worst president I’ve ever seen in my life and lived through. He might be the worst president in the history of the US. The horrible thing is in 2010 a terrorist in Bin Laden said he would try to kill Biden if he was president cause Joe Biden would bring down the US on him own. He said Biden would do more for them than any other person as president. You know how bad that is and looks that 11 years later a terrorist was correct about Biden as president and democrats wanted and pushed for this.

  4. voters are not buying it? come on man i dont need your votes to win., i need your support after wards" and " i have the most extensive biggest voter fraud scheme in american history" the potato
    wtf? u still think voters matter? lol. dumb guy in the banana republic

  5. the taliban should hold ALL westerners hostage until the US returns the afghan people they stole! now that would be something watching and wondering what idiot potato would do then!

  6. Joe literally only cares about trying to be a cool guy!! And be liked instead of doing right. In his head shows by his actions that he believes he is going to leave a Great legacy for being POTUS. Instead we are praying he is out NOW and only to be remembered to NOT make this same mistake!! And teach Dems that just bc who is running for President is a dem then they have to be good!! The Oaldon household is Red all the way!!! “ President Trump!! We miss you and we pray for you and ready for you to be our President again!! 🙏🏼❤️✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. ok people why can't we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and move on Biden is not going to do anything about the people who are stranded in Afghanistan so lets impeach him and Harris and get it over with

  8. 115,000 unvetted Afghan refugees and left behind American citizens and half of the ones that had special visas that worked with the troops apparently they were afraid they would vote Republican

  9. I Hate him I hate the democrats we were on path to end up in an amazing place, then the dems cheated and everything is going to hell again. we need to fire ALL of them.

  10. joemala: "I'm gonna lie, scheme, and continue to need narcissistic supply and your gonna give it & believe me!"

    Americans: "not likely, nope never!"

    The cabal exists & runs this show. They're panicking! We're not buying anything & we're not giving into the lies! May God have mercy on their souls!

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