Biden GASLIGHTS On Failing Economy With Ridiculous Charts | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at the discouraging numbers from the December jobs report and how the Biden administration is spinning them to convince people the economy is doing well

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  1. "1/6" just feels so… forced. 9/11 feels more real because it was an actual attack where people actually died. This was a close encounter, but no where near the severity of a true terrorist attack where thousands of people brutally died.

    Making January 6th out to be anywhere near as traumatic as 9/11 seems kind of gross.

  2. Sigh (rant incoming) Biden cant even keep his election promises. He obviously has no plan grand or short term. And the left wing cult is once again in denial still talking about trump like he's still president. While the right wing of this cooked goose is just sitting on their hands pointing to percieved slights and gotchas . our propaganda is brought to you by the likes of Phiser, Monsanto or haliburton . Carefully<‐‐ [sarcasm] fact checked and censored by ourselves and social media. And I see no level headed thinking amongst any one. my self included. 🐮💩🐮💩

  3. I’ve quit my Job.
    COVID has made us realize that kids, family and life in general is more important than buying nice ‘ things’.
    I WILL NOT be complicit by allowing my kids to follow the status quo and enter this workforce. They will be smarter, better prepared, completely self sufficient and willing to help everyone around them.
    BTW THE STOCK Market SUCKS right now!!!!! Only the indexes are inflated. Everything else is very Bear!

  4. The meat packing thing might help ranchers a bit but won't bring down prices. The issue mainly is soybean prices have gone up due to extreme weather events and fertilizer costs are going to the moon. Fertilizer prices increased due to export bans of urea from China and natural gas price increases because of under investment and it has forced OPEC to limit supply. Banks won't lend as much for ESG reasons so fossil fuels and their products are expected to increase in price for the foreseeable future. Soybean products are used in animal feed from cattle, pigs, chicken and fish the underlying issue needs to be solved first.

  5. Great point from Krystal – Biden had plenty of time and energy to devote to the 1/6 political dog and pony show. He just doesn't have time or energy for minor details like the economy, supply chain failures and the general issues that people actually care about. Then again, Biden may run afoul of his major donors if he starts focusing real effort on the economy and that messes up the 10% cut for the big guy.

  6. BLS controls the definition of unemployment rate. Remember there are 300 pages behind the number. If you lose you job and your home you aren't unemployed…. weird rules for that definition. Might be a BP segment….?

  7. 13:36 Honestly, the most insane part of this video is how the Democratic Party bamboozaled the black community into the thinking that racism should be their NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!
    (even Krysal seemed to chuckle a bit when she read it)

  8. -Professor Thomas Homer-Dixon, from Royal Roads University in Canada, warns that the United States could become a right-wing dictatorship by the year 2030

  9. So when the stock markets crash, he'll then blame Trump and evil corporations. Not that more money went into the stock markets in 2021 than in the prior decade because of the destruction of free markets and mass money printing that is driving inflation. Why is bad for pork to cost more, but wonderful if a stock does?

  10. Multiple publications have been touting the "Greatest Wealth Transfer" in history when boomer inheritances pass to the younger generations. Is it such a surprise that when the younger generations are starving and homeless, they might then consider "hurrying along" that wealth transfer?

  11. The problem the dems have is they refuse to move from the lies which got them elected. Trying to fool the people into the world being better for them while also not at least attempting to bring good jobs back will be a losing proposition. Combine that with elitist messaging about how if we all just believe white supremacy is the problem without a known solution will only increase the exodus.

  12. Would you guys look into WHY Obama did not prosecute Wall Street criminality and WHY he didn't assist foreclosed homeowners. Was the risk of losing WS campaign support a factor?

  13. Well December is always the least hired month. Holidays, so manager are out on vacation. And most employers would rather just wait until the New Year begins to hire because it makes the taxes easier, since it's the start of the New Year.

  14. There's nothing worse than a tyrannical governmental hand with mandates, an economy that's going down, being gaslighted and scared of our government. This is what's happening. Add to that they don't care and thinking we're a dumb people who don't see through it. All in all Biden DOES NOT CARE! Afghanistan, the economy, our freedom, speaking reality. He doesn't care.

  15. God the demented morons eyes look like an abused labrats! Like he doesn't know if he's about to be poked, prauded, or given a piece of cheese. 89 percent of all stock is held by the top 10 percent, the rest is mostly composed of the lower 90 percents retirement packages. Only 30 percent of Americans say they hold stocks bonds or mutual funds outside of retirement packages. THE STOCK MARKET MIND AS WELL BE A MEASURE OF CORRUPTION IN OUR GOVERNMENT.

  16. We love wages going up but also inflation is a big problem. They do know these are connected right? Like come on. You guys are usually very good but this is a very bad econ take as in its absolutely divorced from reality.

  17. Holy crap that second Biden clip had me shook. I knew there was a heart behind all that fog.

    All I hear from corporate media is a seething contempt for labor under the guise of “economic policy”. Crazy how the only politician calling out this ideology is the most useless man in DC.

  18. Great Krystal, but he can't and won't do that, because the donors would abandon the democratic party, and they are all beholden to their donors. Or they are the very corporate scum we need to legislate against, so they won't do so out of self interest.

  19. HUD Sec. Marcia Fudge dutifully served up the kool-aid on Jan 8, tweeting, "The United States is the only major economy in the world where the economy as a whole is stronger now than before the pandemic." Never would have happened with Nina Turner!

  20. "As things stand right now Republicans aren't gonna have to steal the election, they're gonna be able to win it fair and square!"
    -Krystal lol 😆!

  21. Corporate oligarchs opposed giving Americans cash relief because they said it would motivate people not to work. Now, after raising prices on essential products, they have achieved the same outcome–eroding the cash cushion back to nothing. Coincidence?

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