Biden Gets PLAYED By The Saudis… Pathetic!


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  1. The Saudis will never give away oil.
    The House of Saud remains in power by bribing the extended Royal family and any potential rivals with the oil money.

    They don't care how oil they pump, and the more expensive the better for them as they can pump less and make the money.
    If prices drop, they have to pump more to make up the price difference. And as the Saudia up production, prices drop more so they have to pump more and so it goes. The only way to get the Saudis to pump more is to start a price drop by producing more in the US. This is what happened back when Trump was president and the US was both energy independent and a rising oil exporter.

  2. Where is the bullet train 🚅 that California citizens paid many, many millions for from the democrat party of infrastructure!? I wouldn't vote for Gavin Newsome to solve any problem as he's run on solving homelessness his entire career. It's a joke, and the jokes on us, the tax payers.

  3. 🤔….😡..wE Hear There Is A Question Of What Non Binary Is. To uS, Non Binary Is When #1 🤔 Goes To The Store, And Buys Groceries, And #2 😡 Stays at Home, And Does The Dishes! ( 🤔 ..and People Ask Why 😡 Is Always So Angry….) HAAAAAAAAAAAA! so say wE boTH..🤔…😡

  4. If the current economic crisis is Trump’s fault how come we were energy independent and our economy was well on the way to recovery before Biden came into office… illegally btw

  5. CA gas prices are at $7.00+ per gal! And it hasn’t stopped going up yet. Jill, where we’re you when your beloved husband was showering with your daughter? You holding the camera?

  6. I wouldn't say Biden got "played by the Saudi's". The Saudi's simply continued what they've said for 6-8 months – they had no interest, or capacity, to produce any more oil than they already do. The only difference is this time Biden went there so he could be refused in person. That's it.

  7. A pandemic, War in Ukraine, Invasion at the boarder, Not enough gas or refiners, No drilling, and Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Russia, and other countries refuse to give us oil…Hmm what all do they have in common?

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