Biden Gives Speech On The Economy; Blames ‘ULTRA MAGA’

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  1. "I'm gonna allow more bio-fuel to be added to gasoline to make up for the gas shortage I created. Now I know bio-fuel generates more emissions per mile and increases the wear and tear on your engine, but that wear and tear and lower mileage just means you'll be switching to electric sooner, which is the most important thing. What? Where we gonna get the 'lectricity? Doesn't that stuff come from lightning? Or from rubbing a balloon on your hair? Or eels? You can literally power an LED light with a potato. C'mon, man, why you gotta obsess about the details. I mean sure, we're predicting food shortages, but this a big country with lots of farms. Solar farms, wind farms, bio-fuel farms, all kinda farms… And you know, just one potato can run an LED for 6 hours or more. What? Baby formula? Yeah, I bet you could use baby formula to make bio-fuel. Great idea. No wonder baby formula is in all the papers right now. Those babies paying their fair share could really bail us all out of this crisis…" – Joe Biden, probably

  2. God this president is a joke. idk how he could get any worse. Biden: the reason my policys are destroying the country are because of ulta MAGA's… (Trumps fault)

  3. what the hell does "fair share" mean! and isn't why the IRS exists – to make sure of that?? the blame is on the IRS, not the wealthy if someone is not paying their "fair share!!"

  4. The mechanic I go to for FIXIN-crap {for example a full clutch kit} has more bays than workers. {i.e. they have been needing mechanics for about 2 years}.

    HEY! Does anyone near Fargo, North Dakota need a mechanic job?

  5. In the 2000's I was a net taxpayer. I was in the top 10% income bracket, and I paid for it, dearly. However, as I am now "self-unemployed" I am FINALLY, as of 2013, do not have to pay income taxes.

    I live simply, as long as my computer is working, I write articles for electronic magazines. I also smoke cigars and go for walks for 3-15 miles.

  6. I love how Biden bitches about companies having tax credits are the problem for inflation but turns around the next day with giving them more tax credits…

  7. Dude we had a strong economy when Trump was President soon as you came in you destroyed everything now you emptied my wallet and I'll remember that and so every other American you're out of there Joe let's go Brandon fjb

  8. Hey Joe quit talking to America like we're stupid we know you screwed up you know you screwed up everybody in the Democratic party screwed up and they're completely out of touch let's go Brandon

  9. Joke Talibiden and his whole 🤡💩 show administration is working hard on keeping this FAUX dumpster 🔥 pretender-in-thief resident talking about NOTHING distracting from everything, and looking for more reasons to tax and extort the American tax payer more. There are over 2.5 million 'new' voters who need DEMONRAT free hand outs and assistance!! Gotta have priorities.

  10. What a clown !!! This guy is the poorest excuse for a president that this world has ever seen. His career is 50 years long yet he's done nothing useful. Only thing he's done is made shady ass deals to line his pockets. Anyone who thinks this guy is good for America is likely non American or a rich elite. He's a joke, a really, really, bad joke. His administration is the laughing stock of the world. Almost embarrassed to be an American right now.

  11. Let's ask Rick Scott why " all Americans should pay income tax" or have " skin in the game"? Why do we just by being born in a certain geographic location require us to GIVE A SINGLE OUNCE OF OUR WEALTH TO SOMEONE WHO DIDNT EARN IT WITH THE IMPLIED THREAT OF FORCE OR VIOLENCE IF WE REFUSE TO COMPLY OR CONSENT TO THIS BLATANT THEFT? WHEN IS ANY OF THIS MORAL? WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO ALLOW THESE POLITICAL PARASITES TELL US THE MASTERS WHAT THEY THE PUBLIC " SERVANTS " ARE GOING TO DEMAND OF US? The IRS is flat out a economic and often literally a terrorist organization. No one signed this " social contract" simply by passing through the birth canal and we need to stop pretending that it's ever ok to assume the wealth and time of anyone else somehow belongs to the whole of society simply because it was " democratically" voted for. Its immoral and its never ok to steal the time, energy and wealth from another person without their consent ESPECIALLY USING THE COERCION OF THE STATE AND THE IMPLIED THREAT OF FORCE AND VIOLENCE IF THEY DARE KEEP THE WEALTH THEY EARNED. NO ONE HAS MORE AUTHORITY OVER YOUR PROPERTY AND WEALTH THAN YOU DO! EVER!

  12. At 15:31 Biden replies "resign, that's a good idea." I think he actually means that. Unfortunately, I think that he believes he is doing a great job and the country needs him. The old man would love to retire and drink lemonade on his porch but he feels like he is saving the US.

  13. 9:17 — by law, the federal government always gets the best prices on all drugs so they don't have to negotiate. This has been around since either Bush 1 or Clinton, I don't remember, and has been altered under every administration at least through the Trump presidency. As someone who has seen real prices (many years ago), the VA system and Medicare/caid always have the lowest prices. This also means that you can't have a 10mg tablet for everyone else that somehow is only 25% of the price of the 20mg tablet you sell to the government.

    The rest of the differences in prices are … confusing and difficult to explain in the YT comment section.

  14. Actually i think that tax idea is a good one tax those freeloaders who have a bunch of kids for government aid or whatever and take the burden off those of us who aren't so lucky to be in the "welfare class" of the promise of power. Not that it would improve anything with other non tax paying people here

  15. Jesus, Biden looks particularly disheveled in this speech. His hair is thinning alot. It's sticking up all over. His skin is pretty pale. His eyes look sunken and dull. And then there's the usual rambling and stuttering. He looks like he needs a nap really bad

  16. I'm convinced at this point the left installed him, and will use him to highlight why old white dudes in government are so bad…

    Because everything they're doing seems completely self-destructive. It actually feels deliberate, but, behind the scenes. Biden of course, the puppet.

  17. Biden completely wants us to go electric car!
    He wants us to give up a typical car when we barely want to pay fuel prices just to buy an electric car most of us NOT willing to pay.

  18. Joe thought it thru and came up with… You get peanut oil from peanuts, sunflower oil from sunflowers, and we can get baby formula, from babies. Problem solved! I still want to know where they found 7% of the people who think biden is doing so well, that they can't wait till tomorrow to see what he's gonna do then?

  19. 1. Trump campaigned to allow medicare to negotiate drug prices but backed down due to overwhelming congressional resistance. Of course the COB is going to say negotiating isn't worth it. I don't want an opinion from a lapdog agency, I just want to know how much would be saved. 2. Income taxes are just the tip of the iceberg. No one escapes paying taxes in the U.S. If you never work a day in your life you will still be affected by taxation. The money you spend, regardless of the source, buys less due to taxation than it otherwise would. When the bum at the intersection collects enough money to buy a half pint of cheap vodka he will be affected by taxation. The feds get their cut and then the state gets a cut and local municipalities usually get a cut. This doesn't count the non-alcohol related taxes the liquor producer, distributor and retailer pay.

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