Biden Goes Full PANIC MODE as Democrats Face LOSING the Midterms, YouTube Bans Trump Interview


Biden in total PANIC MODE as Democrats face a MASSIVE red wave in the 2022 midterms. Skyrocketing inflation, gas prices and fears of WW3 have many Americans worried. Meanwhile, YouTube BANS the Full Send podcast Trump interview which got more than 5 MILLION views in 24 hours. Wow.

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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


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  1. There's really no sense in continuing to complain that youtube censors.

    That is well established. Everyone knows. And complaining definitely won't change it.

    Alternative platforms already exist. And they're growing and flourishing by the day. The main thing holding them back are creators who stubbornly stay on Youtube.

    Just go somewhere else and be done with it. That alone will do far more than complaining about the issue incessantly. Not saying we shouldn't talk about it, but there comes a point where there's nothing more to gain.

  2. Colbert and Jimmy Fallon are gonna cry saying “what happened to this country” while denying that they were the major contributors to the rise in tensions.

  3. The election wasn't fair or free. Joe Biden is nothing but a puppet installed by the "cabal". Most likely made up of satan worshipping pedos in high places in this country and around the world.
    The dems will not "lose" their elections. Just wait and see.

  4. I like what you mentioned about the US being a REPUBLIC vs a "Democracy"… You ever seen what's happened to other countries we bring "Democracy" to? We basically instill a DICTATOR that is, at the, working with the US gov't, and then later the dictator turns on the US and uses all the money and arms we gave them against us… Sound familiar?

  5. If you aren't allowed to question the integrity of your elections, your elections have no integrity. YouTube hasn't proven anything wrong, only that they fear what people have to say.

  6. Oh Democrats do in fact cheat. I went in to register to vote in Fort Wayne, Ind when Bush 2 was running for reelection. Showed my ID, filled out the form and was told I was qualified to vote and card would be sent in the mail. Later I got an envelope in the mail from the registration office expecting my voter card. Instead it was a letter of denial saying I was not qualified to vote. When I called the office up I spoke to the same women who "processed" my paperwork and asked why.

    I was told I could not vote because I was in prison. I told her I was not and never have been in prison and she said she would check. Without setting the phone down or putting me on hold she was taking to the other woman in the office and told me I was not in prison. I told her I would be down to register again and was informed I could not. When asked why not she told me the deadline to register passed 3 days ago. I went to my VFW post and told the guys and some of them had the same thing happen to them, all checked the Republican box.

    What the Democrats were doing was sending out the denial letters timed to arrive 2 or 3 days after the deadline to register had passed.

  7. Oh but wasnt it the crybaby democrats doing nothing but questioning the 2016 election? where was all this election integrity the entire 2016-2020. ALL Democrats need to STFU with their hypocrisy and quite frankly they need to have their mouths sewn shut

  8. Congress got a 20% raise? I can only assume they make more than 100k a year with literally everything paid for correct? So let us just say they make 100k a year…… 20% is a 20,000 dollar raise.

    There are literally families that don't make that in a year and during the worst of times this is what they prioritize………………………………. GOOD WORK GUYS, KEEP IT UP…

  9. Who cares. It doesn't matter what party is in power. They both pass the same globohomo legislation and get paid by NGOs. Trump is only better than Biden and Hillary because the only thing worse than shit is diarrhoea. Trump isn't good but he's not as bad as the rest. The guy was friends with Epstein ffs. He's just like the rest of them. Don't vote at all or vote for a third party. It's all the same anyway.

  10. I'm starting to almost feel sorry for biden, the poor man's so confused he can barely hold his shit together, no pun intended, and a bunch of assholes are constantly babysitting him and telling him what to do. He finally became president and he has to spend the last days of his career being made fun of constantly.
    This said, god damn they keep fucking up hard

  11. "Unless there is cheating, they're toast."

    Which means there will be unbelievable amounts of cheating. I wouldn't be surprised if every ballot that didn't vote democrat just disappeared, or democrats get double or even triple the total population.

    It's not like they can even do anything else at this point.

  12. Like a petulant brat throwing a tantrum and blaming everyone after he went on a toy destruction spree. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT CHILDFU CKER, NO ONE ELSE'S. "Keystone was two years out still when I cancelled it, which would put it at being done in 2022 which would have done gangbusters for us in midterms." Here's the thing heir dictator, you give the peasants crumbs every once in a while to appease them and prevent revolts.

  13. Biden's mad that people are blaming him for inflation? Well if he didn't cause inflation he wouldn't be blamed for it. Does he literally have 0 clue how economics work to not know he caused inflation?

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