Biden Goes to Korea and Immediately Makes a Fool of Himself

His message for Kim Jong Un boils down to feigned ambivalence:

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  1. China is no longer rich. The CCP is unlikely to survive intact after this year end, but positively not 2 to 5 years out. The Chinese situation has changed fundamentally in the last 3 to 6 months. The fear is that they will invade Taiwan no matter what as a final spasm of relevance before the end. Much like Putin did. It was his main imperative to try this before he cannot do it anymore. For reasons none of which are NATO expansion, rebuilding the Soviet empire etc. China and Russia have similar but nuanced demographic futures which are going to end the way they exist on earth. They are fighting to keep their existence intact.
    Respectfully, I think you are running on Kernel information and you are now giving us that daily rundown on the news type thing. Steve Turley went down this same rabbit hole in an effort to keep viewers up. May I suggest a few ours with Peter Zeihan (on You-tube) to get you back up to speed. I miss the old videos. I learned new stuff with each one.

  2. How dillusional does a person have to be to still support a person like Joe Biden after everything that has been going on here in the US the past 2 years? It's like there is all ready a Ministry of Truth that brainwashes everyone

  3. Styx is kinda stupid, they are not dumb, they are collapsing the country and looting it, they know exactly what they are doing, U.S will be a third world country in a matter of years, parts of it already is, come down to Los Angeles 90% lawless illegal cartel gang warfare

  4. shit the guy just opens his mouth and he makes a fool of himself then Im insulted as a American what an embarrassment … Jan 2023 an he is gone not a moment to soon

  5. Morgellons nanotech fibers were in the mask , nose swab , and vaccines , . It connects to the 5g and acts like wires in the body , imagine the eyes acting like cameras , ears acting like microphones,

  6. One thing that you're overlooking is all the (well established) Finnish and Swedish "dark humanitarian" support for Best Korea that (now I'm guessing) must evaporate like dew under the morning sun with potential NATO accession. It's an exceedingly dangerous moment in time.

  7. I once saw a still photograph of Emanuel Macron literally yelling in Joe Biden's face. Trump literally yanked Macron off his feet during a handshake; Joe Biden's getting cucked by this manlet.

  8. In 2024 when President Trump retakes his rightful place as the leader of the free world he is going to make things better as he puts these commies in America in their place. Somewhere not here. I can't wait!

  9. it is always interesting to watch modern leftist politicos operate on the world stage. They all have the same miseducation, the same social decay, the same myopic view of the world and they all fail in the same way. What is the price the DPRK will pay for snubbing Cho Bi Den? They have to know he is at least compromised by the CCP and they also have to know he would not dare do anything to them. In the same lens, what can Brandon do for the DPRK? Again, nothing. They understand that a president too weak to get his own party to pass his signature legislation is too weak to help or harm them.

    But, this is what the soy demographic wants. A USA too weak to matter and too poor to help. As long as they get their free sh*t, they don't care what happens to people anywhere else.

  10. The are blowing up our boarder because he is paid to blow it up. It’s not because he is stupid (even though he is) it’s because that’s what the real power wants to happen.

  11. They're hoping that if they ignore the US border, the voters will forget about it. If they had done a real visit early on, then done something else two days later to push it out of the news, they might have had some success, by taking ammunition from their enemies. Democrats can spin things and fake being less extreme, but they always drop the mask and go too far before they have gotten the public will far enough on their side. It's probably because the more extreme members of their base have no patience or perspective, and can't wait.

    Republicans have the opposite problem: they get the people's will on their side, then sit on their asses and do nothing for two years. Other than some individual congressmen, who didn't have enough support in congress to do anything, Trump is the first in decades to really push anything.

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