Biden Has Bombed Syria, Admin Announces New Sanctions on Russia, He Is Pushing For SERIOUS War

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  1. When the Abraham accords do falter, even though the United States were basically just mediators, do you think they will be willing go into these peace agreements again? Probably not. They now know even more that in less than 4 years time we can go back on our word because of a new administration. Basically our word can only be trusted the rest of the length of the president's term. Our word means jack shit.

  2. Looks like the swamp haven't got enough ìllegal ìmmigrants moving around to play political football games with, so they want to displace more people.
    How many hundred thousand people will Europe have to deal with this time?

  3. Excellent segment. Very informative. Would like to hear more about the reasoning behind the US’ aggressive foreign policy strategies pre/post Trump. Nice work legendhead, keep it up!

  4. Isn’t funny how these Democrats virtue signal about a greener planet. Yet every time was in office we head right back to the Middle East… ?

  5. Russia is the king of the North and America is the king ?of the South according to the Bible book ? of revelations and it states that in the last days there would be a pushing and a shoving between the two. But there would never be another world War. UNFORTUNATELY the UN WILL BE ASKED TO HELP WHICH MEANS THAT THERE IS DEFINITELY A PARIDIGM SHIFT OCCURRING IN OUR PRESENT SOCIETY !!

  6. Every single liberal supporter of the democrat party must feel like a real imbecile, now that he or she realizes that he helped for this to happen and all because they hated a man, that ironically has more in common with the average man, than the politician that has been in power for decades.

  7. What does it say when the Democratic party allies itself with the enemies of America? They are pro-Iran, pro-China, and anti-Israel. We seem to have reached a point where our allies and enemies change, depending on which party is in power. Our allies and enemies may change every 4-8 years…

  8. Russia has always been the Democrats bogey man. Russia, Russia, RUSSIA! They never stop about Russia. Today CHINA is our GREATEST theat. Putin is a paper tiger compared to Xi. We would be going to war with the wrong enemy. Considering the current White House occupant however, it would be NO surprise.

  9. Speaking of gas for Europe. Baku-Tbilisi-Jaihan is also away for europe to get gas from Azerbaijan, through Georgia into Turkey. Why not help Georgia get it's act together instead of, you know Bombing a country that is already reduced to rubble… and by saying to help Georgia get it's act together, i mean to let them in NATO.

  10. Totalitarian regimes like China are gonna be totalitarian regimes. They aren't totalitarian regimes because we haven't been nice enough, they are totalitarian regimes because they are people wanting to have totalitarian power over a country…and the world. And no amount of being "nice" to them is going to make them not be a totalitarian regime with aspirations of global domination. Being "nice" to them just gives them the breathing space to further expand and make good on those aspirations.

  11. This is all about "The Greater ( the country that cant be named ) Project. All bombings throughout the '90s, 9/11, all subsequent Middle East operations, fake ISIS. It wont ever stop until its successful.