Biden Has Wife Talk Instead Of Him. WTF?!?

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  1. I wonder if or what “they” have on them, to make the Bidens humiliate themselves to this degree? This isn’t normal

  2. "We need a President with a quick mind and answers to the problems in our country and a vision for the future..that is why we must not ever elect Joe Biden"….I am Jill Biden and I support this message.

  3. "The backbone to lead through chaos", which is why I'm having my spineless ass let my wife deliver this speech.

  4. I was just burning one and wondering what this new scrunched eyebrow-wide grin bidens team told him to call home base. Then jimmy kicks me in the balls with WALTER!!!! Thanks jimmy for doing what Colin Quinn used to do on weekend update. Hippie lettuce forever!

  5. Wife talks for him, that is SOP for politicians with problems – Clinton, Biden, etc. it is proof of guilt. Notice when innocent people are accused they fight for themselves, the guilty use family to protect them.

    This is the same Joe Biden (character to move beyond politics, serve every American regardless of what they believe [ unless you are prolife, oppose gay marriage, or defend the 1st and 2nd amendments, or are a blue collar worker worried about excessive immigration driving down wages or outsourcing via free trade deals] ) this is the same Joe Biden who so "opposes Russia and has the foresight to solve problems – is the same Joe Biden who as Minority leader on the Senate Foreign Affair Committee refused to join Jesse Helms (the Republican Majority leader of that same committee) in welcoming of and pressured the rest of the member of that committee to snub Nobel Prize winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, when he came to Washington DC, because he didn't want to "offend" the USSR. This is the man they want in charge – someone who couldn;t see the collapse of communism happening right before his eyes.

  6. She should try ventriloquism with joe Biden as a puppet. But where would she hold the puppet ? oh I know shove a stick in Joe Biden ‘s Ass and hold him by that.

  7. These two look like someone dropped some crayons, one worn out, short orange one and one never used fire engine red one. Lol Redman is running for President?? Lol WTH?? Redman bad!! WTF is he so red?? Tell me people arent honestly considering voting for this corrupt elderly fuck!! This cant be real!! Maybe Redman can get Methodman to run as his VP. Dollar dollar Bill yall

  8. The Democrats are in ruin, Biden can't even finish a sentence. Who in their right mind would cast a vote for him? Answer; people in their left mind.

  9. It’s also short-sighted of the dems. They think Biden will win, but if he does, Bad Orange gone—now what? Imagine Biden talking one-on-one with world leaders, stumbling his words and forgetting what he was saying half through a sentence.

  10. She's not a very good ventriloquist. First of all, she needs to stuff that left hand WAY up his ass. Second, she has to work on not moving her lips. Also, her voice doesn't sound like a guy.

  11. Just like McCain tried to give his Congress seat to his wife A Hunt ketsup Hillary was elected we would never know about it and she be in Congress that's how the shifty shifty lawyers have been working