Biden Has ZERO Ground Game In Michigan

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  1. As bad a candidate as Hillary was, a big reason she lost the rust belt states was because political genius Obama insisted on promoting the TPP literally up to election day, making sure his big money donors would remember his loyalty to them, which has been amply rewarded ever since, handing Trump another ace in the hole.

  2. Ironically, Governor Whitmer is more polarizing in Michigan than Donald Trump. She is either despised for dictatorial leaning policies or beloved for her anti-Trump rants on MSNBC and CNN.

  3. Biden needs to be elected. 200 million Americans (60% of all Americans) are dead from Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic. If a Democrat were POTUS, the death toll would be 0.

  4. This shows how propagandized is the U.S. voter.
    When the majority of them want one candidate's policy implemented, but they pick the other who's against all of it, because they think the latter has a better chance at winning the popularity contest.

    It's evidence that the average voter is convinced that democracy is not about expressing their opinion about their government, but a gamble on which team would win.

  5. the difference is the democrats controlled a lot of the voting in the primary so they rigged it for Biden. they can't do this in the general. the republicans' are better at cheating. This is what happened to Hilary too.

  6. Biden didnt need a ground game in the Primaries, he was relying on Bernie's OUR REVOLUTION network because Bernie was always working for Biden and never intended to win the Primary.
    Kyle is still gaslighting to hide his colossal failure of judgement on Bernie.

  7. Given covid-19 it's possible his campaign officials are all working from home, so they don't have a physical office, but if that was the case why say "what do you mean" and not "our campaign staff are working remotely from home to protect them from the coronavirus"

  8. Hillary lost Michigan with a good ground game and trump haslving an ok ground game. This time Biden has no ground game and trump has a GREAT ground game. My God

  9. Neither Biden or Trump actually care if they win or lose this election. I wouldn't ascribe them doing nothing in a particular state as a "strategy", other than just plain incompetence and laziness.

  10. He and Obama let the Flint poisoning issue disappear without any investigation. Part of why Hillary lost in 2016 (in addition to her husband locking up a bunch of black people in Detroit using the Crime Bill). Biden also has both of those under his belt. I'll be VERY surprised if he wins Michigan..

  11. Dude, that is a terrible argument. In the primary, Biden wasn't "crushing in Michigan" until Obama colluded with the DNC to have all the other candidates drop out and endorse him. Otherwise, he'd probably finish 4th like in the other primaries. You could say, "Well, everything changed after SC." Really? Without the collusion? When was SC EVER a bellwether state signaling how the rest of the U.S. would vote? It was the collusion. It's pissing me off that even the progressive guys are forgetting what an immoral, brutal subversion of democracy that was.

  12. Well, I think in the primaries it doesn't pay to go round knocking on doors. Not every door you knock on will be a registered Democrat for starters, which means you are wasting your time if you knock on a Republicans door. But come the general election, every door will have a potential voter behind it who is there to be swayed to vote. Hopefully for you. Whether you are a registered Democrat or Republican it doesn't matter. A registered Republican can vote for a Democrat in a general election and vice versa. This isn't possible during the primaries.

  13. Kyle before 2016: Hillary's definitely gonna win because she's up in every POLL

    Kyle before last Super Tuesday: Bernie's gonna win because he's up by 15+ points in every POLL


  14. MEMORY: Biden had no campaign in several of the first Super Tuesday states for a month during the primary season, yet the Dem neoliberals managed to get enough support behind Biden over Sanders.

    Just saying, this COULD be another AstroTurf moment from the centrist Dems.

  15. Never assume Trump is down and out. That is the mistake Democrats made last time and it bit them damn hard in the behind. Remember that Democrats are hurting themselves just as much as Trump is losing support and they could lose more and more if their team keeps pissing off voters and Biden screws up a lot at the debates or says stupid stuff. If they refuse to take it seriously and they lose again, well I suggest we smack them all in the head and say: "You get what you deserve!"

  16. A lot of those Super Tuesday states had a ton of ballots that weren’t counted, and very suspicious amounts of votes from certain areas. The DNC committed mass voter fraud.

  17. Maybe this was all done to stop someone like Bernie from ever being president. The DNC props up this Biden dude and will "lose" on purpose. Its not like the Democrats and Repubs are that different nowadays anyways.

  18. the dnc seems to have learned that they dont need to run a ground game or ads when they have the entire media pushing them and tearing down their opponents 24/7.
    the boomer brainwashing is to strong.

  19. you are always stunningly wrong….biden has exactly zero chance of winning…thats why they are not spending a cent on his "campaign",pools are fake as puck and they know it,except you usefull idiots,,,jesus christ you people are delusional

  20. Kyle…. the Democrats had control of the primary. …they don't have control of the general; let alone the voter suppression that's going on.