Biden: “I wanna answer your questions… but I’m not supposed to be having this press conference.”

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  1. Shame on potato head joe and shame on the coward press that allows this sham of a administration to act the way they do and not rip them a new one when they report the news

  2. This has been happening for awhile. It only proves the election was stolen. If it was an honest election he would not be doing this. But think about this, if they stole the election without telling him and told him afterwards, then they own him. If he fights them they leak out the stolen election and his legacy is garbage! This so called president is owned lock, stock and barrel by whomever is behind this. Probably the DNC but it really could be many players behind the scenes. The one thing Americans need to wake up to is that if this is not rectified soon they will probably lose their country to very, very evil forces. America cannot and will not be able to survive 3 more years of this level of evil.

  3. Does he not realize how stupid it is to say "I'm not supposed…." President Trump as well as many other presidents, would answer questions while walking. They could walk and chew gum at the same time.
    This corpse requires preparation and training and instructions. Prepared questions and he still puts his foot in his mouth. What a joke.

  4. "do you still have the cards with the deaths, sir?" of course he doesn't. That was theater when he was trying to convince the public he actually cared about covid deaths helping him gain support for vaccine mandates which was a sort of campaign promise he wanted to execute- "shut down the virus not the economy" He failed on covid by his own measures so now a new "concern" /crises will take the stage that he hopefully can "solve" to reinvigorate his base…

  5. He talks about gatherings and high cases during the holidays, as if people don't gather together before. What a bunch of lies.
    We gather all the time, no masks, no poison. We're all fine., all our customers are fine too. This lying plandemic is absurd at this point.

  6. They're really showing themselves to do really well? Come on man!!!!!!! What a perfect statement to describe this silly president.
    They're not even hiding that they are terrible at what they're doing they're just laughing in your face and for some reason they continue to get away with this crap

    Just boggles me

  7. The good the bad the truth?,….. interesting way of changing the words,… the actual way to say this line would be the good the bad and the ugly ….. then I’d ask biden why is the truth ugly? Could it be because your a liar?

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