Biden in 2020: “Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president..”

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  1. Why isn't there any deaths from the flu pneumonia all the other bs its amazing that Noone brings this up at all so the only dam thing you can catch now is covid hmm

  2. It's dementia Joe we are talking about, he can't remember from one day to the next what he said let alone what was said a year ago.
    He didn't lie about taxes yet for people making less than$100,000,but then again we haven't received are first tax bill from his administration.
    But we all have gotten are asses given to us at the filling station and grocery store.
    He's a joke as president, and a human being.

  3. 🗣 you can try all you want you can’t beat or eliminate a virus completely ya asinine! I hope people will get that through their skulls. 🗣you can not repeat CAN NOT! Eliminate a virus.. (control it maybe) but eliminate no..hello Flu member her? vaccine for her.. she’s still here!’s a virus and viruses mutate.. all these “variants”.. from the virus mutating.. they need to let it go and let people develop immunity & quit with the control act b/c at this point that’s all its about..CONTROL! LGB FJB!

  4. Anyone who abandons Americans and Allies along with billions in military equipment should be impeached and imprisoned.🖕😠🖕Joke Tali-Biden 🤡💩 show administration!!

  5. Pretty laughable that all the Republican senators, representatives, governors, commentators etc that have spent the last 18th months denyiny Covid, undermining the vaccine rollout, politicising masks etc are now pitting it all on Biden. Laughable but sadly predictable.

  6. Look in the mirror Joe it's time for you to leave office you are responsible for 355,000 deaths. But Joe BIDEN doesn't take responsibility for Nothing. And the Media helps him get away with it. The media is Nothing but liers.

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