Biden is Absolutely Nuts, Considering Cuomo for Attorney General

Yes, the Cuomo responsible for tens of thousands of elderly New Yorkers dying. Yes, the one empowering Deblasio to round orthodox Jews up for protesting:


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  1. No, Cuomo and his fellow Dem governors were trying to bump up the body count to get Trump. The big blip in Florida was shown to be a 10x inflation in fake positives sometime after the testing companies submitted their reports to the CDC.

  2. They stopped domestic flights out of Wuhan but not international flights. If that isn’t deliberately letting it spread I don’t know what is

  3. So when does Team Trump gloat about Amy overturning that Libertarian Platform Roe v Wade decision recognizing U.S. women as individuals with rights? Catholic Ireland just did that, Canada did it 30 years ago, and England led the way for everyone, so what's with Coathanger Amy?

  4. I don't know much, but I do know that, my cat has killed less elderly people than Andy "Big C" Cuomo. Birds are a different story and the cat claims a frame job set up from the dog 2 doors down. His word not mine.

  5. Trump's party wants to force women to reproduce at gunpoint like this were 1873. The biggest barrier to The Don winning reelection is fanatics railing against the Roe v Wade decision copied from the Libertarian Platform of 1972.

  6. Hey yo…I rule that all Pizza’s need to be Sicilian, dat the Yankees are the National Team, all people must drive envioro-metabaly sound IROCS, dat anyone who calls my little bro Fredo gets their nutz kicked in by a kettlebell..

  7. I'm fairly sure your question for the leftists who would still vote for Biden after this will probably be answered by well covid is just a far right-wing idea.

  8. Democrats care as much as they can see their hands. There is such a clear difference in what you should vote for right now it's like if you willingly vote for the destruction of the country then no one should feel sorry for you. Just like keeping Democrats in charge of a state while the state continues to be destroyed and bankrupt.
    Wake up..wake up America. Keep America Sane.

  9. Heres the actual picture. Nancy Pelosi uses the 25th amendment to remove Biden, declaring kamala harris president, while Nancy Pelosi herself is vice president being second in line for the presidency and yes governor Cuomo as attorney general. That's scary

  10. Mebbe ewe can't say Cuomo's and PA, DEM et al Was INTENTI0NAL To $PREAD teh Bolognavirus, but it fits with Everything Else, including entertaining Cuomo as AG, DEM$ Doo to PUNI$H US !

  11. Rona is a joke my aunt has it right now she isnt the list healthy and she is in her 60s .. has scratchy throat had a fever for a day