Biden is ‘building Trump’s wall’ with no media outrage

The Biden administration is “building Trump’s wall” without the same “outrage” from media activists who opposed the proposal from former US president Donald Trump, Sky News host Rita Panahi says.

Ms Panahi said the Biden administration and Democrats previously looked at constructing an US-Mexico border wall as “bigotry” and “ugly policy”.

“Well, guess what they’re doing – they’re building Trump’s wall,” she said.

“They’re filling in some the big spaces in Arizona that exist in this wall.”

“And I’m not seeing the absolute outrage from the very commentators and media activists who were outraged when Trump was doing it.”


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  1. That should tell you who’s still in charge…hint it’s not Bydon!
    The war agenda is also being controlled by the same guy…hint it’s not Bydon.
    It’s the guy with the orange tan!

  2. This must mean that Biden is a racist right? Racist Joe has been known to say "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids". What a joke he is. It's about time he is doing at least something about the invasion.

  3. President Donald Trump fought tooth and nail to even get started on the wall and was nearly completed when his presidency was stolen from him and one of the first things Biden did was stop all production of the wall that has been costing the US tax payers millions for the contracters not to build the wall

  4. Trump's wall is laying on the ground..wind blew it over and cost taxpayers 15 billion…Remember Mexico hasn't paid one dime..So if Biden fixes that blown down least it might stay up…😁😂🤣😂😃

  5. This is not surprising. The morals of liberals always change to suite their needs. That’s why Bill Clinton got a standing ovation from Congress when he called illegals criminal aliens. Now…poof…once again a wall is no longer evil or racist.

  6. NOV election is coming up people. Why are you believing this? Dog and pony show. Say ANYTHING to get votes even if you have to build ONE section only. Why do Americans keep falling for this? Trump didn't close it when he could, Biden wont do it, Obama wont let him.

  7. The only people the media heads are fooling are themselves. The American people despise them for lying, and for thinking we are gullible enough to believe them. Once the busses started rolling into Washington, DC, building the wall was inevitable.

  8. They are not building, building a wall they are cleaning up the mess and they give a bunch of money back and they’re not using immigrants for political stuff and they love you

  9. No. Biden is claiming to one day begin building the wall – for political gain in the House.
    It takes a long time to ramp-up construction and it takes Biden much longer to do ANYTHING.
    It's all political theater!

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