“BIDEN IS RIGHT!”: Kyle DEFENDS Biden After Taliban Takes Afghanistan

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At just short of 20 years, the now-ending U.S. combat mission in Afghanistan was America’s longest war. Ordinary Americans tended to forget about it, and it received measurably less oversight from Congress than the Vietnam War did. But its death toll is in the many tens of thousands. And because the U.S. borrowed most of the money to pay for it, generations of Americans will be burdened by the cost of paying it off.

As the Taliban in a lightning offensive recapture much of the country before the United States’ Aug. 31 deadline for ending its combat role, and the U.S. speeds up American and Afghan evacuations, here’s a look at the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan, by the numbers.

Much of the data below is from Linda Bilmes of Harvard University’s Kennedy School and from the Brown University Costs of War project. Because the United States between 2003 and 2011 fought the Afghanistan and Iraq wars simultaneously, and many American troops served tours in both wars, some figures as noted cover both post-9/11 U.S. wars.

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  1. You honestly don’t think that when Biden decided to delay the previously agreed upon withdrawal date by four months (all in an obvious bid to prevent Trump from receiving credit, should things have gone according to the deal he/the Taliban made), news the US was going back on their word didn’t greatly add to the number of Afghan soldiers who chose to retreat/turncoat?
    You honestly don’t see any issue with, seemingly out of nowhere (and on the heels of weeks of reports that the Taliban were taking more and more territory, with literally ZERO push back from America), Biden making the decision to clumsily tuck tail and disappear in the middle of the night, in such a rush that there was no time to stop and remove the civilians who were clinging to the hastily departing US aircraft?

    No one disagrees with the US leaving Afghanistan, they disagree with HOW they left. Again, had Biden not decided to sow seeds of distrust in the (understandably) easily swayed Afghan public, while simultaneously telling the Taliban to fuck themselves by going back on the previous administrations pact, there either would have been FAR less new extremist recruits deciding to aid the Taliban takeover, or, in the very least, the US would have been long gone before the takeover was 80+% complete.

    And then for every relevant voice in his administration to go radio silent; with his press secretary LITERALLY having her email set to auto-respond, and his second in command STILL not yet having even given so much as a statement publicly — the fact that you are claiming to regard the whole ordeal as a positive, means you’re either disingenuous, or willfully ignorant.
    Either way, you’re too smart to act this stupid. Honestly.

    There was obviously no reason to be there anymore (there hadn’t been, well, basically ever, but ESPECIALLY over the last handful of years), but there was just as obviously little reason to leave the way they did.

  2. My only real gripe with the way it was done, was it was like
    Saigon in the sense of we took the troops out first the worried about civilians after, when I think we should have prioritized evacuations of all contractors and civilians we could first with an army still there to support! Other than that Biden did all he could do and did it well

  3. perception means a lot so yes they way this looks on TV makes america look bad and that's just the bottom line..that aside what we're we suppose to do..i mean damn these guys just walked right in an took over with barely a shot fired!

  4. The US funded the roots of what became the Taliban, and now, finally – after just 30-40 years of fighting against them -, they've made some business plans with them to further exploit and destabalize the whole region: And Kyle "American Exceptionalist" Kucklinski decides, that the current US president, who made propaganda for every war he ever could profit from, incuding the Afghani one, deserves some credit for pretending to get out and "end the war" for the, how many is it? 5th time? Kyle and Breaking Points are TYT Light. Try out the Grayzone, Richard Medhurst or maybe Lee Camp – but pleeeeaase: Stop supporting Disinformations. This is just another strategy from the military industrial complex, not a win for Anti-imperialism – and the "attacks" against Biden are mainly just a huge show from the big old club. For how much more money in the Military budget did they all vote for this time? A few billion less would have been enough, to pay for ALL climate plans, including the Green New Deal, combined – did Kyle not get a Memo about this? Crawling into the ass of a man who proudly fought for the "crime bill", just because he read some new BS from a Teleprompter, is MAYBE not a clever idea for anybody… Will Kyle EVER wake up?

  5. Unless we are prepared to murder every person that opposes us, there will always be armies that will defend their land and their beliefs. The only way we could have walked away from Afghanistan without an enemy would have been to eliminate every member of the Taliban down to the guy mopping up after the blood is spilled. It's not really an option, and this shows why you cannot force liberty on another country, that the fight for independence must come from within. It may take the Afghan people demanding their rights and willing to fight for them to beat the Taliban, but until then nothing will change.

  6. Kyle, are you forgetting that the Taliban was the government of Afghanistan before the US illegally invaded? Or that the Taliban are the Mujahideen the US support against Soviet Russia? The US Fucked over Afghanistan decades before we invaded them post-9/11. The only people that benefited from this debacle were the defense contractors and big Pharma (why do you think we have such an opioid epidemic in the US after we invaded Afghanistan? It’s because we took over their Opium fields). This debacle was George W Bush’s fault, Obama’s fault for not fixing when it could be fix. Even incompetent Trump could not fix this problem. Biden is owned by the Military Industrial Complex, and he now has an excuse to re-invade Afghanistan to keep the MIC trough filled.

  7. "Interest Costs."
    Um, that's not a real thing… That's not even in the ball park of reality. There is no such thing as "Interest" on US government spending. That is neoliberal BS.

  8. All we did was give the Taliban billions in military equipment. We murdered thousands of innocent people. We spent 20 years training forces that fell in less than a week. Totally pathetic. At least the rich got richer amirite?

  9. I wouldn't have been surprised that some of these 300,000 US trained soldiers were getting trained to join the Taliban.All this money spent there us millennials could have had our public colleges funded and not have to face the disaster of increasing tuition costs!

  10. “Having to send troops back in”, that was an intentional plan and not an “oopsie daisy, war isn’t going to end, silly me”. Sending them back in is wrong, American Troops ALWAYS make things worse, not better. All of this is manufactured consent for a PERMANENT OCCUPATION, American Troops almost NEVER leave after invading and the mainstream media has to convince us it’s a either a good thing (think Republicans) or a lesser evil (think Democrats).

  11. Ok so guys, this is kinda totalitarian and fucked up, but what do you think of this plan: Assuming that America was altruistic and honest in this scenario, what if the US gov took over the Afghan government, AKA making Afghanistan American territory, but only temporarily, so the Afghan gov would be under American control, and what they do with this power is first do a consultary referendum to check the sentiment of the Afghan people for if they actually even want to be a democratic country or if they love the Taliban and would love to have them in control, if they vote for the Taliban then the US gives control back to the Afghan government, tells them good luck and pulls out, but if they voted for democracy then the US uses intelligence to find a few Taliban bases and threaten to kill them all with bombs if they don't obey, and actually pull through with the threat if they really don't obey, but tell them they have the other option of putting all their vehicles, weapons and ammo in one place, to blow it up from the sky, then retrain the 300k soldiers quickly once more but more cheaply, just to make them not fucking chicken out the moment the Taliban comes, distribute the 300k troops strategically as a garrison on each major city and even small towns and villages, at least those in territory under control of the Afghan government. And then start an actually democratic, not corrupt election that just elects a US puppet government, the people vote for a new Afghan government, then the US pulls out and says they'll give the Afghan gov 100 billion per month for their military, education, healthcare, infrastructure, etc. For 10 months, and if they think that they're mismanaging the funds then they stop giving them. And whatever happens next is up to Afghanistan and we wish them good luck. What do you think of this idea? If it were actually possible I mean, do you find any problems with the strategies?

  12. Kyle, building stuff sounds like foreign aid. The republicans would never ok that sort of thing… you know what they will ok? Bombs… lots and lots of bombs, paid for by your grandchildren and theirs. They are the party of fiscal responsibility after all. ?

  13. I don’t know the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in this manner was right or wrong .. I leave it to history to decide .. but I know from all these presidents with empty promises it was the old sleepy uncle Joe that had the courage to go through with it and kept his word ..

  14. Probably the worst take I’ve heard in a while.
    Jesus Christ Kyle is insane.
    But ‘USA bad, USA imperialism bad’

    Or some shit. Jesus Christ you people agree with this nonsense?

  15. It's really simple… if you ACTUALLY care about any sense of freedom or choice, then you have to allow nations (or even just people) to be their own sovereign actors and IF you respect that, then you let them choose their fate. If they want Taliban they will keep them around. If they don't, they'll fight them. But the U.S. should never have gotten in between them in the first place. It risked American lives and it unnecessarily murdered far more Afghani people over imperialist goals of the U.S., NOT because our government actually gave a solitary shit about the good of those people. And they never did. So those people clutching their pearls only now is kind of sickening. This is how it works. You let a sovereign people choose their own destiny, even if you don't like it. U.S. manipulating, pushing color revolutions and meddling with socialist attempts (as well as these police states, like with the Taliban) is most of the reason many of those states failed and/or struggle today. If you want anything to happen in the world you HAVE to let people try and fail things. Anything other than that is simply imperialist and clearly NOT in the interest of those people ACTUALLY having the freedom to choose their own destinies.

  16. Biden was right to end this pointless war. The idiots trying to blame him for everything shows they just want war and more of the military industrial complex.

  17. something the American people should know is that, the Talibans victory wasn't Afghan militaries failure instead the conspiracy and game the former president, Ghani and his associate played on American general and diplomat. the fact that American thought, Ghani would ever fight against his Pashtun brothers was preposterous and naive. they would rather sacrifice the whole country rather than fight whit their Pashtuns brother, Taliban.