Biden IS TOAST! He Is Now The WORST President In Modern History!!


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. it's almost like he did this on purpose to give the weapons to the enemy to keep this going, he now has sent 3k more troops to Afghanistan! Pray for our Active duty that they survive this disastrous clown

  2. Get ready for a currency collapse as well, America in decline thanks to a bioweapon, computer hacks, unlimited printing of trillions of Dollars, unemployment “400,000 per week new claims, and a propped up stock market, start preparing for the worst, hoping for the best and pray, pray, pray.

  3. I don't give a damn if u Love or Hate Pres Trump. This would Not be happening in Afghanistan and it For sure wouldn't be happening at Our Border!!! Where's the Screams for Impeachment????

  4. Keep in mind, when Trump left office, there were ONLY 5000 US soldiers in Iraq AND Afghanistan COMBINED. And on inauguration day, there were 30K US troops in DC. He was rushing because he was hoping for some good PR by announcing on 9/11 that, "…after 20 years, we're out of afghanistan."

    Yup. Biden is fucked.

    Wait for the, "..yes, President Biden is courageously coordinating the withdrawal from Camp David."

  5. As Robert Gates once stated – "Biden has been wrong on every foreign affairs decision"… Biden is an idiot and his "Deep State" actors are worse. We DID NOT elect them, but they are running the country. And you are correct that the real losers are those who supported the U.S. and the women who wanted freedom from the oppressive religious beliefs.

  6. Howdy Doody just turned off the tap. He better get our people out without loosing one of our troops he keeps putting in danger. He making a Bingazi move.

  7. Biden said that The Taliban has 75K Members but that isn't True
    Many Afghanistan Military officials Joined The Taliban and many Fled..
    The Taliban are 100K Strong!
    Thr no match for the U.S Military but this war has been going on and off for 20..
    Even ISIS are starting to Expand
    Taliban will plant their Flag on SEPT 11 on the American Embassy building Roof..

  8. Would i be wrong to wish for a deadly heart attack for this disgrace of a president. Funny how you dont see to many people admitting they voted for this dead person.

  9. Big lie keeps getting bigger this is why the winner of the election is supposed to be the president and cheating and lying and covering it up does not mean you win. Democrats have no good ideas plansor thoughts all they know is hate and racism and the opposite of what trump does. The problem is trump was the best president ever any time any place. So we get senile fuckin puppet that don't know shit and look what happens yet again. That guy that said Joe was on the wrong side on every policy knew what he was saying. The oppositeifthebest us the worst the opposite of being respected is being laughed at. Saigon was way better than this so was carter and Obama. Racism doesn't help you be president we are no longer respected we will never again have allies or friends we aren't longer a world power we are a third world country and he did this in 6 months. He's also opened the order to spread covid fact the country while spending trillions to do it and has spent 26 trillion dollars already on what nothing good we could have all gotten a bomb shelter to save us when we get attacked because of this jackass. He's to busy torturing innocent Americans spreading wokeness weakening our military importing criminals with covid and drugs to kill us but at least hes on vacation and doesn't care about shit definitely not us he's still taken bribes hunter is still on payroll and selling art now too. Why was trump on trial daily for no reason for 4 years but this guy who green filed on day 1 hasn't been impeached or even tried despite everything illegal unconstitutional and now all the lives and money spent over 20vyears gone for nothing go Joe let's go Joe you are retarded as joeif you voted for this you should go on vacation in afgh6

  10. I would have no problem with Biden blaming Trump if he'd followed Trump's plan.

    Sure, the Taliban might have taken over even if Trump was still in office and had pulled out in May. But I highly doubt it would have happened so quickly.

    The Taliban have TV too. They're watching this administration. Our new, woke armed forces, where diversity and inclusion is more important than combat readiness.

    Biden letting his Blinkumpoop Sec of State get wokescolded by the Chinese over human rights. China turning around and threatening nuclear strikes if the US or Japan interferes with their plans for Taiwan.

    The US reinstating the Iran deal even as Iran brags about how they're violating that deal with their uranium enrichment program.

    Russia mobilizing forces along the Ukraine border, and Biden handing Putin a pipeline that will allow him to turn off the taps to Ukraine and freeze them into complying with his plans for annexation.

    Palestine bombarding Israel with thousands of Iranian missiles in May. Biden's solution. "If you stop, America will give you more money. But only if you pinkie swear you won't use it to buy more missiles."

    Why would the Taliban have ANY fear of what Biden might do if they just took the entire country?

    Three days ago, all he told them was, "if you attack the embassy, we won't give you any more money." What do they need money for? They have $billions worth of US military equipment, half of which is already on its way to Iran.

  11. Biden is a failed president. In 6 months he has put the US in an economic crisis and failed this withdrawal. He should resign in disgrace like Trump said.