Biden Issues Threat To Republicans Opposing Illegal Vaccine Mandate, RNC And GOP To File Lawsuits

Biden Issues Threat To Republicans Opposing Illegal Vaccine Mandate, RNC And GOP To File Lawsuits. Democrats are wholly on board with executive decree but conservatives and republicans are saying no.

Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate is actually driving people away from getting the vaccine. People have become so distrusting of the establishment and institutions that the threat of force is making things worse.

GOP governors are going to be suing, the RNC is going to be suing, and Biden says bring it on.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. just imagine Interstate 40 closes down along with Interstate 29 and 10 and all Truck Drivers would have to be checked at the former state line of Texas. I say "Former" because biden thinks he can Bully this state, we can succeed from the Union and then we will impose our own powers on the boarder problem and just think all vehicles will have to change direction to get from east coast to west coast. Texas is 1 state You do not want to screw with

  2. Look up the disabilities act, those fines are a lot higher than the 14 thousand dollars. I can't remember the first fine, but the 2nd fine is 129,000 dollars everytime your rights are viallated

  3. The ADA says the testing is illegal, first fine is 75,000 dollars and the second fine that you are required to take is 150,000 dollars according to the American Disabilities Act or ADA

  4. My apartment is so germ infected that I should be dead months ago, no shot, and I am still here. I haven't eatin take out food for 2 years or more, I eat what I buy, I do not go out of this apartment except maybe once or twice a month. I stay in here a lot, yea I would love to get out but I don't. If biden don't like that than too bad

  5. The Biden administration as declared war on American and We The People Texas now is ground zero for the invasion on the Border with no end in sight but nothing is being done from stopping the invasion into the U.S.There is a National Security disaster on the Texas Border.

  6. They love to be hypocrites by Biden saying they will get them out of the way but when Trump said he would do something similar when the virus came out and Democrats where quick to say he doesn't have the power to tell States what will be mandated. Look up there statements about this back in the beginning and you can hear it for yourself. Biden wants to make this country a Communist one by all the decisions he is doing and history shows us this play by play when authoritarians take over.

  7. Why is it that those who make authoritarian decrees seem to accuse anyone who refuses to comply with the decree "dictators"? Cuomo did the same thing when he decreed that you would be punished for having too many people in your house for Thanksgiving. When several County Sheriffs announced that they would not enforce it, Cuomo called them "dictators". Wonder if he would have considered them "dictators" 175 years ago when these VERY SAME counties law enforcement refused to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act?

  8. I sure hope you are also against all those unconstitutional vaccine MANDATES for schoolchildren against half a dozen communicable diseases. I mean COVID-19 is doing a great job of killing the unvaccinated, especially oldies and fatties. But it doesn't really get it done for children. Forget public health. 670,000 dead and counting. FREEDOM ROCKS! (Incidentally, this sarcasm is from a usually right-wing conservative.)

  9. Hey Zhou Bixen just because you’re made in China and imported to USA doesn’t mean you can act like the CCP. He’s literally the one bullying Americans but what are they doing about the illegal refugees?

  10. Most masks that are worn don’t prevent aerosols sprays going through the material. It says on the box as a disclaimer that these surgical masks are not to be used to prevent the spread of disease… Especially the cotton masks unless people insert a non-woven fiber which most people don’t. They sure don’t sanitize their masks properly either.


  12. Biden to this day hasn't issued any written form, no executive order, nothing sent to OSHA!
    This is driven by the media.
    The companies that have jumped the gun, are now at risk for being sued, under HIPPA!
    Small businesses,
    Working people,
    Now bigger businesses,
    Was this the plan for socialism and communism?

  13. I would say the fact that a lot of people distrust their doctors has been earned. A lot of these doctors gave what they knew as bad medical advice for things like obesity. A lot of them have been bought out by big Pharma and these major food corporations like Kellogg's and Coca-Cola. The only doctors I might listen to are those who talked about what people were doing hundreds or thousands of years ago. One example would be Jason Fung.

  14. Mandates are not law. Laws requires due process. Art.1, section 1 of the US Constitution makes it clear that ONLY Congress is vested with the power to make laws.
    Bypassing Congress and using an 'agency' (OSHA) to enforce the mandate is an impeachable offense. This is also fascism by definition.
    According to our Constitution, the federal government can only regulate interstate commerce (buying and selling between states). Intrastate commerce is off limits to the federal government.
    Our Declaration of Independence guarantees our 'liberty,' which is a right, from such illegal government overreach.

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