Biden & Kamala’s legacy on crime.

A summary of how Biden & Kamala both contributed tot he mass incarceration of Americans…and how both not only have flip-flopped on policies, but lie about their past records.

Written by Dr. Derpology


  1. Here's a little wisdom for you.
    The reason idiots believe in conspiracy theories is because it's the only way they'll feel like they're smarter than truly intelligent people.
    You are clearly, a ignorant, pathetic, dangerous little man.

  2. Google, wait alphabet, I mean YouTube gods, This will contribute to the election of Trump and there fore is hate speech. Please give this channel one lashing, I mean a strike to teach them and everyone else a lesson.

  3. In all honesty, Dementia Joe doesn't remember if he put on pants this morning. How is he going to remember what he said twenty-five years ago?

    The only thing to look forward to is that we can forget all about Slow Joe and Chameleon Harris as of November 4th — after their colossal Electoral College loss to President Trump. I won't miss that fake Hillary laugh. Good riddance.