Biden Kills Senate Resolution To End Yemen Genocide

Bernie Sanders has withdrawn his bill to end US support for the Saudi war on Yemen following reports that the Biden administration was working to tank the resolution, with White House aids reportedly saying they’d recommend the president veto it.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. Corrupt and compromised, since at least 1990, neoliberal imperialist Bernie gestures widely and folds like the dull "leftist" folding knife he's been for the far right, by all political-economic metrics, Wars and Wall Street billionaire class-beholden Democrats.

  2. SHAME ON BERNIE!!! What a shame if we lose that lucrative arms market of Saudi Arabia. My guess is that Biden will immediately forget any of his promises to "work on it" going forward. With MBS, you're dealing with the devil himself. Don't forget that old Arabian saying, "The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife." So appropriate here…

  3. Fascist governments are made up of mass murderers. And with capitalism dominating the world, practically all governments are fascist. Both system and the leaders of same belong at the bottom of a deep dark trash can.

  4. i loved bernie sanders. to see him cuckold himself to biden personally and the democrats overall has literally made me sick. u.s. has become pro wrestling. the only debate left is which party is more completely evil.

  5. Bernie has become a complete joke and sellout. His good friend Joe is a war pig and Bernie's weak sauce makes him a war pig now as well. F Bernie and the Democrats!! F the Republicans too!!!

  6. i am fully against war for any reason other than revolution but as a realist i see the geopolitical situation at hand!! there is no way the u.s can try and put there foot down on the Saudi's to stop anything. the u.s has lost its strangle hold on power in that region and it is clearly on display when the Saudi's sent a princess to greet Biden upon his arrival [ i personally do not think women are in any way less than men but in the SAUDI'S current culture this is a big deal] and rolled out the red carpet with jets blowing colored smoke of the Chinese flag when the prince himself met Xi!! not to mention the deal that is being made to sell oil in yuan and for the Saudi's to be part of BRIC'S plus.. the u.s clearly can not afford to say or do anything to the Saudi's that might push them farther away faster than they are already clearly walking!! this is just one of the many horrible situations the u.s finds itself in at the moment where its loss of power and lack of the ability to make others fear it are fully on display for the world to see!! as an anti imperialist i am happy to say that judging by world events i just might get to see the u.s fall in my lifetime!!! i know the emotional response to stopping the resolution is one of disgust and one thinking what monsters but to act on that emotion means your clearly not reading the room!!!

  7. Both Corporatist war parties make too much money for all of their godless wars-for-profit to EVER end. They must be STOPPED. And the ONLY way to stop them is for We, The People to act in solidarity.

  8. Sanders is working SO hard to still appear worth anything at all. How many more will die as Bernie waits for the White House to take care of this? Which he must surely know, by now, that they won't. Then he promises to bring forth a resolution again, which will do nothing. Who, at this point, would ever support Sanders now? The U.S. is twisting itself in pretzels to stay in the good graces of the Saudis, yet after the China-Saudi summit, we must surely realize that the Arabs are going to abandon the West for the far more lucrative Chinese energy market. So why try to appease Saudi Arabia?

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