Biden Looks & Sounds Completely Different In Two Videos Posted Yesterday



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  1. Obama was the optic controlled by teleprompter. With Biden they have to use deep fake, since he's too old and brittle to read a teleprompter correctly. Both are puppets tho.

  2. It's not much of a fake. If that's the best they can do…then don't say anything. We'll always know exactly what to think every time they pull that stupid shit. They're delusional, they make and drink their own coolaid. They're obvious and, I say let them stay that way. Tower of babble.

  3. About a week and a half ago, or maybe two weeks ago, if you asked Alexa when did Joe Biden fall off his bicycle she said Joe Biden died at the naval hospital all presidents go to. Sorry, I can't remember the exact name of the hospital. If you ask Alexa now she tells you the date he fell. Different people recorded it with their phones and posted it on, I believe, Tic Tok. Those videos keep getting removed. Something is really screwy.

  4. Things I find concerning: 1.His eyes naturally have a lot of squint to them (check out childhood photos of him), and mysteriously he has zero squint in one of these videos. 2. His blue eyes appear to be brown in one of these videos

  5. Every time they blame Trump I want someone make a video making fun about them. It’s been 2 years and everything they stopped what trump started is imploding on itself. They’d blame Trump if their dog died. It’s stupid and it’s content to meme and laugh at.

  6. Me suspects that they are force feeding him some kind of serious drugs.
    There was an old Star Trek episode about something like that.
    I forget what the name of that particular episode was, but it had some kind of "neo-Nazis" in it.

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