Biden ‘LOST HIS TEMPER’ With Zelensky On Ukraine, Brie & Robby: Tulsi IS RIGHT, Dems Are Warmongers

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss President Joe Biden apparently losing his temper with Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky in a phone call in June after Zelensky pressed for more aid. #Ukraine #RussiaUkrainewar #Biden

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  1. Bravo. No one has been honest about what the US investment is here other than to say "We want to control Russia's movements in the region." When you lay it out like that, it's clear we should be working to get ourselves out of that entanglement, or at the very least, request more from other allies while we curtail some of our own spending. A peace deal MUST be reached soon and more people should encourage that. Glad at least Rising understands this.

  2. Yes lets let Putin win , these dam Ukrainians are so inconvenient . If they would just stop fighting for their country my gas prices would go back to normal and inflation would drop .

  3. when will people in dc realize that russia likely will win. Ukraine was better off with the April offer and minsk agreements. We send our tax money, that we need here, and weapons to a country we barely know. they only one who will suffer is ukrainians.

  4. Had USA not funded Britain in WW2 USA would not have been in conflict with Germany .
    We are in the same situation now if USA keeps funding Ukraine Putin will probably nuke Britain not USA, interesting situation .

  5. Because of 'the boy who cried wolf' and 'the wolf in sheep's clothing', makes the world a terrible place to live in! It has brought so much suffering to so many and more will be dying if this war is to carry on further! The end of times is a step closer already and humanity will cease to exist!!

  6. The saying: "You lie down with dogs get up with fleas". That! Ukraine. The country once considered by the West as being the most corrupt here in Europe. Like I said…you lie down with dogs.

  7. What's the Problem with giving Ukraine more Money. Didn't Biden GIVE the Taliban 80 Billion Dollar worth of Military Equipment. Planes, Choppers, Tanks, Cannons, Truck Personnel Carriers, Ammunition of ALL Kinds and more.

  8. Please, please persevere!!!!! You are the only news media persons I listen to who even discuss the anti-war principals. This grandma is solidly in your corner. Please don't stop!!!!!

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