Biden Lost the First Debate

The first presidential debate between #Trump and #Biden was very fun.

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  1. he refused to answer any question,
    contradicted himself,
    and smeared Trump,
    spoke like all his sentences were pre made generic answers,
    And the moderator backed him up.

  2. I think Trump could have pulled back a bit and done a better job of explaining his positions and reframing issues dispassionately and it could have been more of a success, especially for undecided voters, but that’s not really Trump’s style, for better or worse.

  3. And here in Germany the media say they are so surprised that Joe didn't fall asleep and that he did so well. Also showing a clip of Trump pressuring Joe on a point wihtout giving context.

    At this point I'm just against the media in general; never giving neutral coverage, always pushing bullsh*t.

  4. Biden: “We need to give business the support they need”

    Also Biden: – “We have to close everything down”
    – “We have to raise corporation tax from 21% to 28%”

    Jesus, that sure sounds helpful and not contradictory whatsoever…

  5. I'm British but I actually feel a bit envious of the US having Trump as President. I've not taken too much notice of US politics before, except to note they all seem pretty fishy, lining there own pockets every which way. Trump,imho is an exception, not a schooled politician but simply an honest man who cares about his country. I hope he wins.

  6. Doesn't this debate not prove there is a deep state trying to control the US and the world? Is that up for debate? Because at this point, I think it's obvious there are powers in the world not widely known that only want to cul the human population as you would cattle.

  7. Joe Biden: “Antifa is an idea.”
    That is more numerous, active, and organized than his own campaign. Is his campaign not a group?
    Are Biden supporters just an idea created by the media inorder to quell suspicion of massive impending election fraud? This seems far more likely

  8. Biden, ''give the business''s the funding they need''
    The Democrats (Pelosi) stopped the funding to small business's during this crisis. FACT! Biden is a joke.

  9. Biden is going to win regardless. Too many normies support him blindly because they believe orange man bad. The rigging has also begun. I promise you, Biden will win.

  10. This is now pointless. Biden is senile, and now a pathological liar. Gasighting doesnt even start. This is mass psychosis, and mass cowardice. You cannot reason with them. Its us, versus them. We are watching the US, and the UK, descend into insanity. Time for the reasonable people to realise, this is war. The enlightenment, versus a new dark age.