Biden MISSING IN ACTION As Agenda Completely Collapses

Krystal and Saagar provide a rundown of the congressional battles taking place between moderate and progressive Democrats over the party agenda with Biden seemingly nowhere to be seen

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  1. Did Krystal say the republicans are assholes? Does she not remember the last four years of complete lies and bullshit? The Democrats don’t deserve any compromise or favors. I see only incomplete degenerates that have only earned the right to fail as they are doing very very well.

  2. I love you guys but does it take a brick wall to fall on your head to not realize that Joe Biden did not want to have these elements in both bills pass. This whole thing has been a big wall of smoke and mirrors. Total theater. Total charade. Joe Biden is on Team Manchin and Team Sinema. They are the tools of the donors and the donors say "no" to all of it, therefore, so do they.

  3. Come on you Democrats out there in the Senate and in the house! Forget your principles and stick together and vote the way Biden wants you to vote! Damn principles and damn the price of the American people and damn the Constitution! Quit being cowards and follow Video into the pits of hell

  4. Krystal seems to support the $3.5tn bill, even calling the infra bill “stupid”.

    My understanding is that it’s a badly written, pork-filled bill of 5000 pages that isn’t fully costed. Apparently it comes to more than all the US 20th Century wars and the space program combined.

  5. This video is misleading, you can clearly see at 7: 13 that Joe Biden is meeting with Democrats to negotiate the 3.5 trillion-dollar reconciliation bill in the infrastructure bill, so how could you make the claim that he's missing in action? It doesn't make sense. His agenda has completely fallen apart, really? Both bills are going to pass, but it's not going to be 3.5 trillion dollars, maybe closer to 2.6, so it's kind of strange in the middle of these negotiations that you guys are claiming that his agenda has fallen apart, and that he's is not involved, but you show is CNN clip where he's meeting with the Democrats, doesn't make sense.

  6. I legitimately feel somewhat bad for Biden. I’ve had two grandparents go through Alzheimer’s, and it was fucking awful. I’m certain he’s going through somewhat past early stages currently. The gloomy blank look he gets on his face when he’s asked questions is one of the first things I picked up on with my grandmother, the second to get Alzheimer’s.

  7. You can say all you want Republicans aren't offering anything, which is true, but when you have total control and only need simple majority for reconciliation, you CANNOT say this 100% republicans fault, sorry you just can't.

  8. I think the bipartisan bill is the only one that might pass. If not the Corporate will tank it all and blame the Progressives that nothing happens also Corporate media will blame progressives

  9. By every measure, including people who SELF categorize their political views, progressives literally encompass 15% of our populace. That's after the full-fledged attempt to indoctrinate virtually every college student in the last thirty years. The latest Rasmussen poll has 58% of the country disapproving of Joe Biden, including 50% who STRONGLY disapprove. It's over for the progressive movement.

  10. The Democrats dug this mess and the Democrats all by themselves can get themselves out of it after all they got the White House the Senate and the house.

  11. Afghanistan, southern border, urban crime, inflation, dimentia feeble old man, incompetent inacaple worst Vice President ever – Biden is a complete and utter disaster and ruining the country.

    …but if doesn’t send mean tweets, so all good. 👍

  12. It gets so irritating listening to Krystal talk about "war crimes" left and right. It's one thing to just oppose something, it's another to just cry and bitch about it non stop. 3k thousand innocent Americans died in cold blood. We don't ask for permission to execute justice. Don't like it? Go to Finland or some other pretentiously sanctimonious country who is protected by the US. My God western people, a certain gender especially, are the most passive and naive people on earth.

  13. He got elected because he wasn't Trump. Nobody expected much from a senile old hair smeller that couldn't manage a recorded video from his basement.

  14. This reconciliation package was never going to happen. Ask that's going to happen is they will pretend to fight the good fight only to say they lost to those evil Republicans.

    No one has any interest in doing anything for us, they just want to look like they do.

    This is why there are two bills instead of one in the first place.

    It's typical politics

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