Biden Mocks Marine Who Exposed Government Mistake

See Ritter’s reaction:

See the full interview with Scott Ritter:

Watch Joe Biden in 2002 as he mocks US Marine Scott Ritter, calling him “Scotty Boy” and grinning as he repeats “it’s above your pay grade.”

Very different than the harmless old Joe everyone knows today.

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  1. This is why Biden should never have been elected. It was exceptionally clear that getting into that war was dead wrong for our country and the world. Millions of is knew that. We were in the streets by the tens of millions in the western world. But the MIC and imperialists like Biden were hell bent of war a go go and controlling the global oil supply. And it’s Biden’s horrendous judgement that is the reason the Democrats are going to get slaughtered in November even worse than during both Obama mid term elections—both of which were unprecedented losses.

  2. Do you think the US maybe using this Ukraine conflict to try to weaken Russia in order to get them out of Syria. Turkey has just restricted Russia from using its air space which appears to me to do little to help the plight of Ukraine but could be a big help to the US in its goal of regime change in Syria?

  3. Seeing this, I am honestly impressed that Scott Ritter was able to recall nearly everything Biden said *verbatim*, so many years later. Must've been so goddamn infuriating to sit through Biden's bullshit.

  4. Biden is passive aggressive because John Ritter exposed government misfeasance? Hinging an argument on someone’s pay grade is one of the most shameful examples of Appeal to Authority that I have ever witnessed.

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