Biden Needs Cue Cards For Simple Tasks

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  1. That’s how they want their presidents anyways, and proof is their only concern with him in 2024 is “is he a winnable candidate?” which is sickening. They are all employees…just not for the American people.

  2. Surely Biden and his handlers are not this stupid ? Maybe this senile act is purely a show for the camera's… part of the charade….Lull their rivals into a false sense of superiority ? etc

  3. Think of all the times Dementia Joe has said something like: "They told me not to do this" or "They're going to get mad at me". Can you imagine Trump ever admitting there are people behind the scenes telling him what to do? The scariest part of all this is Kamala Harris in only one heartbeat away. YIKES!

  4. This cue card thing is very disturbing in that Biden is being manipulated like a marionette or is being inhabited by an evil spirit – a spirit possession. Creepy! The entire edifice of DC is this way – Mordor. Can Satan run for office?

  5. And this guy is going to run again. It doesn't matter who he runs against, Trump, or anyone else, it isn't possible for him to win at this point. Not only is he COMPLETELY incompetent, he turned his back on EVERYTHING that was important to his supporters, like a public option or living wage. THIS IS PATHETIC.

  6. Currently nothing beats President Biden taking stage directions from a giant fluffy cartoon bunny. And President Biden getting lost and confused while doing so.
    The second one is the White House staff inviting Obama to the White House. With President Biden looking lost, confused and ignored. While everyone was gathered around Obama holding Court in the Reception Room.

  7. This is nothing short of criminal. What sort of disgusting, misguided, insane person, goes to these lengths to use another, so compromised as Joe Biden. This is revolting, and telling, what will they do to you when it suits them. And who are they anyway, these people capable of hiding the client lists of profligate, convicted sex traffickers

  8. Biden is there for a purpose as a powerful visual signal to send a message to all Americans & to the western world that the American president used to lead.
    The message is this: ‘Your time is done. Your civilisation (such as it was) & your system of government is enfeebled & moribund. Only such a degenerate society could elect someone so unfit for high office as Joe Biden.’

  9. Two things:

    1) Who is the actual president because it's clearly not him.

    2) At what point does this become elderly abuse to force a mentally declining person to be the public face of the administration, and to take the heat and blame for all the bad decisions?

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