Biden Now HIDING U.S. Arms Sales

The U.S. State Department recently quietly announced that it will no longer issue annual reports on the sale and movement of munitions to foreign countries. A little-noticed clause in the most recent National Defense Authorization Act allows the State Department to pull this cloak across weapons sales. Many are observing that this change is taking place just as the U.S. is shipping billions of dollars in arms to Ukraine, arms which don’t always wind up in the intended hands.

Jimmy and his panel of America’s comedian Kurt Metzger and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss whether Americans should have the right to know where weapons their tax dollars pay for wind up.

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  1. 😂 😂 😂
    It's because of the massive amount of weapons transferred to Ukraine and then redirected to other areas of the world where the State Department and the CIA is fueling the next conflicts!
    A few articles are talking about the "Ukrainian Government officials reselling US and NATO weapons" but it's more like a "you take a share but deliver it to people we tell you"!
    So, over the last months there has been weapons transferes through the Kiev pipeline around the world and especially Africa and the areas where the US and Europe have interests to get the Ressources or take over the rule!
    The question about "How many weapons have been transferred and to whom is going to come sooner or later, and this is a perfect way to avoid any kind of investigation especially not any that would be publicly accessible to a wider audience!
    The articles from European outlets, Russian and even Ukrainian (the few who haven't been closed or worse) showed that the US and NATO supplies ended up in African countries (or African Militias) and we know where the Terrorists in Syria got their weapons and vehicles from!

  2. Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, AOC, Bernie Sanders, MTG, Tom Cotton, Lauren Boebert, Ted Cruz… all support this bill, probably and will vote yes, likely.

  3. What is the ideal recruit as an IRS Agent, one that either hates all things American or one that has absolutely no idea what it is to be American. And we've had alot of both lately, millions of fresh recruits……would you agree?

  4. This isn’t the first time Ukraine has done this. Back in the Dubya era we were helping them out until we found out that they were having a rummage sale with our goods and selling them to terrorists.

  5. Thank you Kurt! Lol the most obvious in history! And yes. They told you trump was gonna do that so that you’d be ready for it when it happened. It’s called “priming” people should understand this term. It means that you are preparing people to hear your message before you send it out. I studied learning strategies. That’s one of them. Put out a message before you try to sell people on it. Shame on these dem manipulators. You guys are all hilarious! Best laugh I had all day!

  6. Nancy Pelosi makes 350.000 dollars a month off the Ukraine weapons funding bill 💸. Russia will Nuke kyev if the USA continues arming this conflict, but Nancy's profits will have been worth it.

  7. Please stop referring to the Trump administration as Republican and tarring Trump with the same brush as Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld. Trump is very different.
    Jimmy, you must realise that Trump was and continues to be attacked because he and his policies are NOT establishment.
    Are you a secret MSNBC viewer??

  8. american public is ignorant and brainwashed…….hard to even talk to people anymore whether on the right or left..but they think other countries citizens are brainwashed……smfh

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