Biden Officially Clinches Nomination & Seals Loss For Democrats


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Written by Shuhood Khan


  1. Biden is the Michael Jordan of Racists. Trump is like the Ron Harper. Trying his hardest. Had a lot of potential but gets all of rings on the foundation made by Biden. Most racist politician in American History. That's scale and the times. He's the figurehead for inappropriate incarceration school segregation and the for profit bail and bankruptcy system. Biden is arguably the most immoral criminal psychopath on earth. Trump is a petty thug by comparison.

  2. Face reality. Biden will win. Progressives will be sidelined into irrelevancy for the next 16 years as Klobuchar will be VP and then the first woman president. Just deal with reality. Nothing will fundamentally change.

  3. Man the wealth mothers in Colorado selling weed! I worked for a former judge in Miami that was so corrupt she had to step down and she’s out here pushing her shitty corporate weed. The ownership of cannabis licenses in Colorado is insane… and sad.

  4. If any of them really cared about people, they could run third-party. Miss me with those who would do better if they could do better. They're full of shit. There is nothing legitimate about these elections.

  5. Since facebook and YouTube keep effin' with my comments, I'm gonna go out here to the assisted living joints and start forming Grannies for Justice! I'm more dangerous off line than on.

  6. Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar; Money and Influence
    "When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years."–Mark Twain.
    When I was growing up and my father observed politicians doing something immoral he would always say the same thing: “he got smeared.” I understood this correctly to mean they were bought off but certainly it cannot be every politician or almost every politician? I decided at age 13 to label my father a cynical person, always believing the worst of people; today we say we have a “bought Congress” and Cenk Uygur describes these politicians as accepting bribes; so whether the term is smeared, bought or bribed, today everyone is aware of the financial influence of the insurance industry, pharmaceutical industry on legislators, so it should not have been a surprise and yet it was, to receive today, from Truthout: Top Recipients of Police Money Include Trump and Leading Congressional Democrats Overall, six of the top 10 recipients of police union funding in the House are Democrats, numbers mirrored in the Senate.
    Top Police Union and Law Enforcement PAC Contribution Recipients, Current Senators
    Total contributions to current senators from 55 police union and law enforcement PACs since 1994. Data from
    Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), who has come under recent scrutiny for her record on police violence as lead prosecutor in Hennepin County, is one of the senators with the most contributions from police union and law enforcement PACs.
    Klobuchar did not bring charges in more than two dozen cases of officer-involved fatalities during her prosecutorial tenure. These include a 2006 case involving Derek Chauvin, the key officer charged in Floyd’s death.
    The chart which cannot be reproduced here, shows Sen. Klobuchar as the #2 recipient of monies from Police Unions and Law Enforcement PACs; why did she not bring charges in more than two dozen cases of officer involved fatalities? SHE GOT SMEARED! There is knowing and there is knowing; this means you can understand something on one level and then you can understand the same thing on a much deeper level; look at the INFLUENCE those donations had on Klobuchar!
    And where is Joe Biden positioned in regards to influence of donors from the police? In reported individual law enforcement officer contributions this year as of April 30 people listing police officer as their profession contributed over $70,000 to Biden’s presidential campaign compared to Trump’s $62,000. So just how much reform and demilitarizing of police depts. can we expect from Joe Biden?
    So far his best idea regarding police training, something he said in a church, was for officers to shoot unarmed people in the leg and not in the heart! Biden Tells Cops To Shoot People In The Legs Instead

  7. Welcome to Slavelandia the land of minimum wage. Hey we are getting task forces. Yep the system voting our corner stone can be manipulated any way they want.
    Tulsi says i support Joe he is a good man, when she could support all of us. WTF
    There is a mighty hand at work that's not easley understood. We all are at the beginning of a world revolution. The problems are intelligently articulated quite easily but where are the solutions in a outline form on paper for all to see? Change begins in each one of us for a change in a system to benefit all. CITIZENS OF THIS WORLD UNITE. We are all derelict in our citizenship to allow this most egregious criminally insensitive self serving Leadership in our world to exist. It all starts here in a "National Authentication Uniformity Voting Act". Where all 50 States use a paper ballot that can be filled out in advance. Put in a scanner complete details available upon request. This is the most important policy to rally everyone together and that we inadvertantly deny ourselves and currently we cannot verify our votes are counted accurately and that we aren't being cheated. Until we can fix this, most else will be futile. Evil always wins when good people passively remain subjected and do nothing.

    I dream of the day that all people on Earth can live with all personal needs meet in security, purpose, love and happiness and all nations can be at peace with one another. There is not a lack of human ingenuity or natural resources there is only a lack of understanding and the collective political will to follow through. Ultimately A world wide cultural shift of solidarity in a compassionate movement for all humanity. "We the people out of many one" can only do what despot authoritarian oligarchy Governments will never do. Thinking outside the box adding some pizzazz a little razzmatazz, razzle dazzle our world in brotherhood. The folks that are  financially and in a position that can MUST STEP UP. Having several concerts/rallies through the universal language of music for "World Peace, Love, Hope and Change our Earth in Crisis". Climate catastrophe is knocking down our door and NO MORE Needless WAR!!!!!!!! How unifying speaking truth to power globally this would be. UNITED together we all shall overcome hate, injustice and inequality and the universe will sing with Joy. Music is to the spirit what words are to the mind. Chaos and confusion, Babylon is falling, falling.

    I'm not a Democrat or a Republican I'm just a plain ol citizen on this planet willing to sacrifice for the good of others and to fight the good fight.

    A new day, a better way TRUTH where objectives are clear and concise. You don't necessarily need a leader you just need mass participation for the greater good. We the 99% with Awakening Consciousness rising up to the most important fact, that our power lies in our numbers and the 1% world wide see the hand writing on the wall and know if they aren't willing to relent from their greedy political/corporate vulture capitalism then the masses who have been brutalized and systematically cheated for so long can come in and take it all away from them and correct the balance sheets so skewed towards inequality and injustice. We as a global community, a nation, a culture must understand where we have come from to be clear eyed to know where we all are going. The past is written unto history, the present is a gift of life and the future change is in our hands. There are 2 kinds of people in this world ones that take action and everybody else. Talk is cheap and now it's time to walk the talk. "WE  THE PEOPLE."  Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL.
    Stay safe everyone. Peace with joy in your journey, and blessings to us all

  8. Joe "Nothing will fundamentally change" Biden – Surprise! Nothing will change with him in charge. The DNC likes Trump running everything because they can grandstand, blame Trump, continuing to vote for his nominations and policies, and continue their desired slide into autocracy. The conservatives-neoliberals and the GOP are going to continue along this same damn path as they do every-fucking-time. Shit gets worse under neoliberals, then the fascists exploit it, then the neoliberals continue fucking us and it keeps going.

  9. Biden agrees with Neera Tandy? The Democrats are a rear guard action to protect the right by marginalising the left! The CIA now runs the vountry for the benefit of Wall st.

  10. Atfter Trump's blatant displays of pro-facsim, I think Biden will actually win. The protests dont' stop if/when Biden wins. And we need to call for his removal immediately after inaguration.

  11. You could have fixed some of the election problems in 2017 but Democrat governors refused to cooperate with the Trump Administration. The Left cheered & decided Russiagate was a better option. TDS bit the Left on the ass,. Talk about a colossal missed opportunity.

  12. Because of people like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton I had the opportunity to meet a handsome young man about six foot 2 that was a servicemen in the Iraq War. He was trying to purchase something from me but was having difficulty because he had his arms blown off at the shoulders.. with his teeth he took out a $20 bill from his vest. This injured vet told me to put the $5 bill in his right pocket and the ones in his left pocket.. I showed him $0.89 I still owed him.. this poor young man teary-eyed almost started crying.. he said what am I going to do with that I can't even wipe my ass.. this is where I almost lost it I almost started crying.. thousands of men and women came back from the Iraq War crippled or even dead because of those decisions Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton made in voting for the war that was a lie.. These people should not be electable.
    That should have been a career changer to something outside of government.. Joe and Hillary admits it was a wrong decision.. it's not like saying hehe I burnt the beans.. I will never vote for anybody that voted for that war.. They need to suffer the consequences for a horrific mistake.

    can you of good conscience look a wounded soldier in the eye and still vote for Joe Biden or support Hillary Clinton in anyway. Shame on you if that’s the case.