Biden on the worst jobs report of his presidency: “I think it’s historic day!”

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  1. Actually yesterday was a historic day more than today, since you have allowed people to see and feel your true feelings on the Republican party, and all people who vote for anyone in the Republican party. Of corse you always start by blaming anything and everything on Donald Trump, and then you move forward from there to the rest of the Republican Party. You have made your feelings felt that anyone who votes Republican isn't worth anything in your mind. And deserves to be hated and pushed out of the way. You stated 5 people died on the event that took place on 1/6/2021, Actually only one person died by a gun shot that day, and she was a Trump supporter. The others you speak of died after the fact and either of natural causes or some other reason. Sir you constantly lie, and have been for almost 50 years now. I still do not know how you ran a campaign for the Presidency from your Basement. I'm sure you did have a plan, since you stated that you didn't need help winning, just help once you were in the White House. Also no one was armed that day as you've stated. It's just one lie after the other with you. I cannot wait till your gone or Die in Office.

  2. Brandon is just plain stupid. Not one word is the reality of what's happening in the USA. Workers are quitting because they've had enough of horrific low paing jobs with long hours, no raises, getting no human respect & shitty working conditions. WTF? Leaving for higher paying jobs, nobody believes that crap Joey. Brandon is a lost loser with losses that keep on losing. Unifying us all into deep poverty with less freedoms, Dude quit while you're still miles behind reality, make a doctor's appointment because you ain't right in the head man.

  3. You have no clue. The wages going up will not make things better. They only make thing more expensive and in the we will all suffer from price increases. All in all people my make more but if everything goes up what's the difference.

  4. All lies … no truth what so ever.. biden is in the Twilight zone…. he must be removed from office… before it is to late 😲😵😱🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇲🤔

  5. Then why is every business I know of short-staffed? I guess because all the busboys, waitresses, convenience store clerks, fast food employees, etc., are leaving for executive jobs.

  6. How can Biden lie so openly to the American public and get away with it? This guy is either senile or a pathological liar. When he ended by dismissing inflation as malarkey, then I knew he had lost it.

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