Biden PANICKING, Rushes To MINNESOTA For Event, Is Trump Going To Flip A Democrat Stronghold??

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  1. Watched a biden stream today there was maybe 100-150 people in the crowd and about 20-30 cars. This was on his own youtube channel with 4k viewers 300ish of those being trump supporters (based on dislikes). Trump had 130k on RSBN and 60k on Fox
    Trump has 80,000,000 million followers on twitter biden has 11.5 million.
    The youth don't watch tv that much so i want to know who exactly is voting for him?

  2. I just drove from Los Angeles to Portland Oregon up I-5 and I-5 was inundated with Trump signs and Trump banners, Trump flags and semi truck trailers with huge block letters for Donald Trump, and in one farm field they were four semi trailer stuck together and in massive red letters it said Latinos for Trump. The only Biden sign I saw in the whole state was outside of LA

  3. Naw, TIM. The polls are accurate. There are no conspiracies that dictate what is covered as “news”. It’s a dude w a mustache, twirling it. It’s all just democrats mind melding like SPOK. Don’t worry about it. You didn’t worry about Obama spying on Trump. We all know THAT wasn’t true. I wonder if the ramp up to war in Iraq was coordinated w the govt and the media. NAWWW….that’s crazy talk.

  4. I'm in NH judging by the lack of political signs (verrrry unprecedented) if we don't go Red I will be shocked. In 2016 the week of the election all the secret Trumper put their signs out.

    Judging by our "Live Free or Die" motto and the fact Hillary BARELY won it last time.

  5. People in MN are pissed! Tired of this Governor and the clowns that run Mpls. Voting all Republican as an F U to the Democratic Party. I’ve been tired of their platform some time.

  6. BIDEN
    Vice President Joe Biden LIVE speech in Broward County, Florida

    64,360 views Streamed live 12 hours ago 4.3K LIKES 2.6K DISLIKES


    (1) Joe Biden: "Uh….(garbled mumbling)….uh, where's Jill? Where's my Jill? There she is! Jill, what town are we in again Jill?"

    (2) That was quick!

    (3) 24 minutes….?….Well, There is another rally?

    (4) Omgosh. Stop using Bo. Just stop. Your living son, Hunter is screaming out for help. What kind of father uses his son as a rented mule

    (5) Why is that Dude on the he right waving his hands around while there's only music and an empty stage? Weird

    (6) I think he’s having his speech in a used car ? lot??

    (7) Look I'm running against George, folks, folks, folks, C'mon man, Monday I'm gonna phase out fossel fuels, Tuesday I won't ban fossel fuels, we need to think outside the box, I'll mandate masks, I won't shut down the country, I'll make sure we have, folks, look, this president said we have to live with it, folks when I was a kid my dad use to say look, folks look, we will make healthcare better, folks look, we will stand together folks, folks, look here's the deal.

    (8) Joe Biden talked himself Nobody was there when he rally


    (10) The big guy will go from making 10% to 20% if hes elected president.

    (11) The total crowd announced is 156 people….helluva rally

    (12) Notice how he looks like Jim Jones vote for him and your dead. Dead

    (13) Biden 31% GDP could you do that. You didn't over 8 years yours was 2.1%.

    (14) Wait all those people at 14:08 are not socially distancing and half of them don't have masks. The hypocrisy of the left

    (15) Oh, and why is Biden letting Kamala select the music?

    (16) Joe Biden sounds more powerful than I've ever seen him before. His confidence is growing day after day as we approached the final days of voting.

    (17) 19:50 Any discord users got really confused when he said division and discord I'm one of them

    (18) He’s so incoherent

    (19) Big guy

    (20) Biden fly's to Broward County Florida, from Wilmington Delaware, to speak for 16 minutes, just think of the great things he will do for our Country ???

    HOW CAN HE WIN?????

  7. Why are my Pro Trump comments constantly being deleted here? This is not freedom of expression! Thought this would still exist in the USA, but apparently not! As a German, I am completely disappointed with American democracy, I think America has long since lost its democracy, especially to its people, and that is not Russia or any other state's fault, but the corrupt capitalists in the mafia-ruled government of the USA. Trump or Biden, America has the choice but no real candidates for the office of President, there is only Trump for me, he is lying and he's got a lot of mess, but Biden is much worse and so the worse choice, what a shame Al Gore has not tried to run again, he would have been a really good candidate for democracy and US values. Now there will be another 4 years without democracy, regardless of which of these two is elected. America you are shameful for the whole world, I have long since lost all respect for the USA, where there are only rights for the rich but no longer for the people. I'm still happy to be a European, but democracy is crumbling here too, guided by the USA!

  8. I do think more independents and Gary Johnson/centrist Clinton votes have switched to Trump than vice versa. I just don't know how youth turnout will be. If young people show up in a record amount it could make up for the amount of people who have had it with the left's lunacy.

  9. I had a dream in January, where I was watching the news and the democrats get 400 electoral votes, hopefully it doesn't come true. Save my comment just in case, voted for Trump tho (in California ?)

  10. Despite the fact that the Dems removed signature verification from ballots, they are currently slightly down in Pennsylvania?

  11. Former Pro China German Chancellor Angela Merkle just did a complete 180 degree stance on China and entering the alliance thus adding Germany and the EU. Why? Because she knows Trump is going to landslide.

  12. Polls prediction and media coverages all favoured Biden against ground reality where Trump pulls massive crowds while Biden could hardly draw a hundred crowd. This is because they wanted to pre-empt the result and justify giving Biden a win through their cheat by mail in vote.

  13. Please dawg. The Democrat Party plans on padding the numbers to steal an election. Biden doesnt have to go to 7/11 for a damn Slurpee. Legit campaigning is not anywhere in their universe. Lie,Cheat ,Steal , Kill by any means necessary is their strategy. Power. Blood sucking sons of whores

  14. I still don’t understand, who the hell responds to polls? I don’t know anyone who answers calls from random numbers. If it’s important, they’ll leave a voicemail or immediately send a text.