Biden, Pelosi GASLIGHT On Inflation | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the gaslighting from Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi on the record high inflation in June

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Trita Parsi:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. I really disliked Trump at the time but not even I can watch this and not laugh at how the current administration thinks it’s a breaking point to say that guess that has doubled since they took office is rapidly declining and now is only five dollars a gallon and they’re actually patting themselves on the back for that

  2. Extreme (and in fact inflationary) measures has created slightly cheaper gas and slightly cheaper wheat.
    People dont understand how much trouble we are in….
    …but i refuse to accept that biden and pelosi dont understand what we are in for.

  3. The stuff Saagar was describing as "being frugal" kind of comes naturally to me, I grew up quite poor and making things last was SOP at our home. I still have that mentality today.

  4. In 2009 I used to budget every living expense to be under $600. I lived with 5 other people, my bedroom was under 80 sq.ft, my car was purchased for $500 dollars off Craigslist, trip I only drove too and from work and stores on route and I spent under $40 on food a week. This was a year after I graduated Summa Cum Laude from college. Those were the Golden days…I have no Idea how I could have survived in the same situation nowadays…people talk about inflation and all I have to say is…the price for Taco Bell has nearly quadrupled in 13 years….the price for everything I listed above has risen at about the same rate…yet the federal minimum wage hasn't changed. This is reality in The United States of America for millions of millennials and Gen Z'ers who have done everything "right" according to societies rules and dogma. But let me assure you this….anyone with money over 40 (including parents) who hears my story mocks and berates me for making such stupid life choices….they not only don't give a ** about the reality of the world when they step out the door they derive a certain smug pleasure that only seems to harden their holier than thou mentality. Anywho…perhaps It's time I pull a page from Russian Beauty (internet you tube homie) and make videos on how to survive of practically nothing and convince yourself you have made it.

  5. If reckless NATO expansion over the last 30 years is a primary cause of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and if you believe that war is a prime cause of inflation, then perhaps Biden could refer to our inflation as "NATO's price hikes".

  6. Joe Biden is like the uncle that pawns the family car goes to the casino, to raise money too buy the family a better car. The sad thing is …it's your car.

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