Biden Pick His VP — KAMALA Is A Cop!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. Prosecuting parents for truancy!? That's disgusting! I used to skip school a lot because I was bullied at school. So, what position would that have put me in? Go get bullied or send your parents to jail?

  2. Check it out Jimmy D she’s really similar to joe in a way? And if Kamala Harris can flop on medical care for all. Just imagine joe buckling on his crime bill with the same kind of flip. Wouldn’t that be a bad break for everyone in a pandemic

  3. Biden chose Harris to show his support for BLM. However, I think there purposely being unclear as to weather or not the B in BLM stands for Black or Blue though. After all, they want both Black Lives Matter & Blue Lives Matter groups to vote for them.

    Personally, I won't be voting for Biden/Harris.

  4. In 2016, I just shook my head at how stupid the Democrats were being and hoped they would learn their lesson from their horrible loss to Trump. In 2020, I hate them and it would take a lot for me to ever vote for one again.

  5. To be fair Jimmy & the Yes Jimmies should perhaps enjoy some of the raping and break ins and the 187 calls … I mean he mentions everyone is broke and no one has money so he creates his private videos for those few that do so ya know the number 1 rule of being progressive is do as we say not as we do … please any actual criminal go and Express your talents to these people …. not the drugs or bullshit … show Jimmy and the yes jimmies to truly stand by their desires for no prisons. Give them what they want and give it to them hard.

  6. If the problem is not enough jails then stop putting people in jail when Brady evidence clears them. Kamala isn't a cop, she's a criminal, she's repeatedly shielded lying prosecutors because she's against criminals, she's against the accused.

  7. Absolutely think the world of Joe Biden, I have for over 25-years and right up until his VP pick I was voting for Joe, but KH is NOT my kind of candidate man. Joe's getting older every day just like Trump. I don't know man, I don't know.

  8. This is hilarious for me personally because my family was always a migrant farmworker family meaning we spent 8 months in the U.S working up and down the state of California in the agriculture fields and 4 months in Mexico during the winter when there was no work but that changed in my freshman year of high school because they were going to take my parents to court because we miss so much school now we really didn't miss school we were just bouncing from school district to school district and then again 4 months in school in Mexico so we never really missed school but they were still going to take my parents to court for truancy. So my parents we're worried obviously not just because they could be taken to jail but also because those charges could take their green cards away and have them deported to Mexico so they scrambled to find an apartment in Arvin CA so that we can be in school full time and we have been here ever since. Now obviously I believe education is important I have my BA in Education now but like Jimmy said she was Prosecuting families that were already in poverty and had their children not going to school for reasons like mine or other reasons such as those kids were helping working in the fields to provide for their families which were in property. So it's something seeing her laugh about something that was so stressful for my family.

  9. Jailing parents for kid truancy is not funny. I grew up in California and I know people who did everything right. They sent their kids to school and dropped them off right at the door while on the way to work. The kids still skipped. The parents were threatened with jail and they didn't do anything wrong. This is soulless for Kamala.

  10. Democrats really confuse me, or maybe they are just confused themselves, but they nominate a segregationist & a prosecutor, aren’t they by Democrats definition racists?! We all know the answer to that.