Biden Picks Podesta to Lead Climate Change Spending Pork Barrelism

HAHAHA what now leftoids???:

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  1. Well, your video includes youtube "amplification": "Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels." hahaha…Over the "long term", climate changes happen naturally, without regard for humans. It is simply illogical to assume it is possible to determine quantitatively the influence of human activity, if any, upon climate, especially in the undefined "long term". Failing to do this, the above statement becomes speculation only.

  2. The way China handles buying land/buildings to build urban development is ripe for corruption. What they do is they'll pay you based on how many floors you have on that land. The definition of a "floor" is truly lacking, so single-story houses will be bought with 8+ extra "floors" built haphazardly on top of it for the sake of getting a ton more. Mind you, these floors are so shoddy, even the builders standing on the beams are risking their lives falling through.
    Furthermore, there exists entire "ghost cities" that have huge skyscrapers meant to increase infrastructure, however areas of many many blocks-worth of huge towering structures are completely EMPTY! This is because living in them is terrible. They hardly have electricity, running water, and are just as poorly built as the floors in the prior example.

    My point is: These are examples of what happens when you engage in government interventionism, and Crony Capitalistic practices that in no way benefit the people, but line the pockets of people looking to grift off of a government who, itself, encourages these acts for the sake of embezzlement.
    I would say I can't wait for the Chinese infrastructure bubble to burst, however I know it'll trickle negatively in every aspect of our World Economy, so I only hope it'll happen slowly.

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