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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. Well done chumpsky you just outed yourself for the millionth time, it's already proven the "vaccine" doesn't stop you getting it or spreading it so what the fuk is he talking about!! Chumpsky sounds just as demented as Biden!!!!

  2. Noam sounds like an authoritarian shitlib now. He doesn’t seem to have cognitive issues, so he has no excuse. I don’t know where his bad takes are coming from, he definitely knows better, so what’s going on.

  3. Biden's drop in the polls is most likely attributed to him returning to his actual approval numbers after people gave him an unduly high approval rating initially for not being Trump, handing out another stimulus check, and getting credit for the vaccine response to Covid. The economy was finally reopened and people were happy to get on with their lives after being cooped up for a year. But what emerged from that? Hundreds of thousands dead on the official counter, but that's not including those who had their deaths attributed to other causes (cancer, heart attacks, etc) after having their immune systems ravaged. Or those who survived but are damaged in some way. And that's not even counting the mental health issues that arose from the combination of fear-mongering and incompetence over Trump, Covid, widespread financial instability, and more.

    The economy is struggling because people burned through all their savings and don't have money to spend on additional expenses or new purchases that they were not already paying for regularly. All of the small businesses are not coming back and employment in the service sector is literal hell while we're seeing the actual second wave of Covid with the Delta variant and a soft form of vaccine mandates. And now unemployment benefits and the eviction moratorium have been allowed to expire with no coherent plan to address those issues.

    People have stopped giving Biden the benefit of the doubt.

    From there you can add on public disapproval of his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and it's creating a trend to the normal levels of approval Biden had early in the primaries. People forget this dude couldn't even place in the top 3 of polling for months. They were literally trying to push forward anyone but him. Everyone remember when Buttigieg or Klobuchar were a thing? Yeah, that's how much even the establishment didn't want Joe Biden.

    Now he has his upcoming battle over a weak infrastructure bill and the inevitable fear mongering over the debt in the new budget which will drag on until the holidays with the potential for a government shutdown. And that's not even considering if the Delta variant gets much worse and they begin mandating booster shots as an alternative to shutting down the economy again.

    This dude's administration is DOA and it didn't even last a full year. That's what Sanders and the Squad leveraged their movement into supporting, and didn't get shit in return.

    Oh, wait. We did get something. Another bailout stimulus bill and increased spending on 'defense' and law enforcement. Thanks, Progressives in Congress. That electoralism strategy sure is paying off.

  4. Biden was doing okay during the draw down in Afghanistan, but when he sent in more Marines he created a target of opportunity for Isis. My dark side thinks he did this to induce an attack on the Marines to reignite the Afghan War for the Military Industrial Complex, but the Casualties were higher than expected. So in the end…….It backfired. Doing the biding of your Corporate donors over the needs of the American people should get you thrown out of office.

  5. You are right- this is not the same Noam Chomsky. It is too bad. As for Biden- I always find it funny the call the Dems the left. They are only just the left of the Republicans. They are both right-wing and work for corporations instead of the people. They take tax-payer money, spend it weapons and wars, and make huge profits for corporations. Later on, these politicians get paid by them, one way or the other. People do need to revolt. This is not a democracy- but a sham.

  6. TWENTY TWO Dem Candidates, and we ended up with Biden. Dementia Joe? This time it really IS true… Thanks, Obama. Obama's favorite president, in his OWN words, is RONALD REAGAN. Not FDR, not LBJ, not ANY Dem Prez. Obama's ambition was to be more like Reagan, and now we wonder why we are so royally fucked.

  7. Chomsky looks like he was rode hard & put away wet. He's unrecognizable in that clip! I've seen Noam Chomsky conversing with Jimmy Dore. I had the impression he was a much more upbeat, and fun guy! A real pun-ster! It's kinda sad to see him look sooo ragged.

  8. Noam Chomsky saying demands for M4A is "like kids begging for candy" could be interpreted to mean that it has no chance of replacing our current healthcare system without radical campaign finance reform wherein Big Pharma and their ilk couldn't buy Congress. Until then, begging for M4A is like children begging for candy except more unrealistic because sometimes children get the candy.

  9. Make it make sense to you? I think you should take a look at @theconvocouch channel video on the 2020 election. As soameonw who saw election fraud by the dem party in the 2016 primary, and so much so that I testified at two hearing regarding it, from all the pieces of evidence I have seen in the 2020 election, there was massive fraud. And why is that so hard for so many on left to believe? I’m probably more left them most (tho hate box myself in with a term) and it’s blatant. Just because one mate have hated Trump doesn’t mean election fraud which has been rampant for decades just stopped. Absurd! And, we all saw how Biden got to the end, with Obama calling Buttigieg and Klobuchar to step out, while the “American Indian” ahem, stayed in, leaving no choice but Biden to run in general. No way would he have had this opportunity otherwise. And Harris was disliked everywhere. (And it boggles my mind that ones hate of Trump prevented people from taking a hard look at Biden’s horrific history)! Election fraud. People need to stop making this okay if it benefits their candidate. And like Hillary/Trump, Biden/Trump = They’re all on the same team. None of them work for the people.
    Okay. ‘nuff .

  10. It’s not only the Criminal Justice system that corrupt, it’s the entire Judicial System that’s corrupt! My life was dismantled by a billionaire landlord who had no case against me, but wanted my rent stabilized apt if lived in for 26 years, and after waiting 6 years for a trial, got no trial or hearing, no Due Process, as there was a clear payoff to the judge by landlords attorney. The judge retired after my case.

    The Judicial System is like a secret society: they often wear long robes, speak in archaic language, and sacrifice the poor (anyone not rich).

  11. Noam has bought the Pharma lies hook, line and sinker! Clearly he doesn’t know the those Vaxxed still transmit virus and get virus. This jab doesn’t seem to inoculate at all. So Noam, if you can get Covid from someone fully vaxxed, should everyone self isolate?! Insanity!

  12. @Sabby – on the subject of "bad" neighbourhoods…the street I live on is known locally as "the Bronx" (among us old-timerz anyway). Funny thing is…the only ones doing any breaking & entering are the cops…

  13. Landlines are a misnomer, anymore. We kept our landline for my 90 year old mother so she would never be without power but those connections don't exist anymore. She is connected just like everybody else and loses power every time the cable goes out. So, they don't have a choice to call only old people with landlines anymore because landlines no longer exist. And Anita Hill truly is a hero. I was college age when her congressional attack and smear took place. She did change things for women and she definitely made it easier for women to stand up for themselves. And I hate it that she felt she had to back joe biden. Kak.

  14. This vaccine discussion is driving me crazy. The same people that people like Chomsky point to to back up their opinions such as the CDC, Fauci, the vaccine manufacturers, etc, state themselves that the vaccines don't prevent infection or spread! Which means you are as likely to get COVID from a vaccinated person as an unvaccinated one! If people that took the vaccine are so confident that they work, why are they still so scared of getting it? Because they don't prevent you from getting infected or prevent spread! So then how the fuck are you still making the argument that not getting vaccinated is putting others in more danger than the unvaccinated? It's ridiculous man. And for fucks sake, people need to stop saying stupid cringe shit like "trust the science". Do they know how fucking stupid they sound? While signaling about how smart and scientific they are, they are saying the most unscientific thing anyone could ever say.

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