Biden Presidency ALREADY Backfires On Democrat Voters, Unions FURIOUS Over Banning KeystoneXL

Biden Presidency ALREADY Backfires On Democrat Voters, Unions FURIOUS Over Banning KeystoneXL. Biden was completely honest about wanting to ban Keystone XL yet Unions working in the energy sector endorsed him anyway.

Biden has now issued a moratorium on new permits and banned the Keystone pipeline sending shockwaves through groups that endorsed or voted for him even though he has always said he would do this.

Leftist groups are now outraged that the $2,000 offered is turning out to be supplemental to the $600 and not an addition

All in all it seems Democrats and Joe Biden are doin more for progressives and hurting traditional liberals and the working class. For the most part people seem happy with their support of Biden but many are getting a rude awakening to the fact that he won’t be supporting everyone and that the only unity they had was opposing Trump.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Uhh.. Lul Sloppy Joe. . . I frankly don't care cause Trump didn't get his evedese looked at to discount the corrupt votes so I think Electrons are one sided/Fed now.

  2. When you shutdown a industry your closing off people's living and way of occupation and income
    When you ban fracking your literally firing and getting rid of many people that rely on that job

  3. Warren Buffet owns all the railroads tracks in the US. Every day he makes at least 2 million dollars from transporting oil to refinery’s, in Louisiana & Texas. If the Keystone XL pipeline was completed, Buffet would loose at least 2 million dollars a day. Since Warren Buffet donated millions of dollars to Democrats, he made sure Biden would stop the Keystone Pipeline, once inaugurated as President.

  4. Pretty disappointing it took till now for those things to get explained. That’s why I come to you though. I don’t always agree with you but at least I know I’m getting things explained and not deceived.

  5. They touch the fire, scream in agony and pain, wait a minute and then touch the fire again. Rinse and repeat. But if you take the fire away, they'll scream and screech and throw a fit.

  6. Biden was never for Democrat voters. He was a proxy for the DC elites. Trump was a billionaire, yes, but he actually cared about the working class. Eventually, people will see that.

  7. As the election approached, Biden said he wasn't banning fracking "No matter what lies, Trump says"
    Of course the Liberal Media never even asked Biden to explain his comments while tearing apart Trump's
    Were journalists given protection in the 1st Amendment based on them being impartial and holding all
    politicians to the same scrutiny? If they aren't going to perhaps protections for journalists need to be taken
    away by the courts. Let them be sued for what they say is a lie if they can't provide proof and the name of their source.
    Watergate happened because it was against a Republican. When a Democrat breaks the rules or laws the Liberal media refuses to cover it and attacks Conservative media as liars even when they provide proof. ME TOO conveniently ignored those that were the worse
    were Democrats. What did those who fought hardest for ME TOO, say when accusations were leveled against Biden?