Biden Promises to Punish Border Agents in Del Rio for Doing their Job

They dun gon’ pay fat!:


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  1. Police ordered into family based suburbs in Police State Victoria in AU


    Police need to decide, they serve the people or serve dictators like Dictator Dan!

    Danial Andrews is a ROGUE POLITICIAN.

    For his abuse of power he must be removed from office!

    This is how easy it is for some ruthless politicians to impose a police state!

    Dystopian Dictator Dan!, Hiding in the background.

    China backed, Australian Police State

    remove Dictator Dan!

    Disobedience Safeguards Freedom and Prevents Tyranny O.O

  2. These Border agents are doing there job "mostly" but U.N. treaties are at odds with this. The global compact does not like these agencies as the U.N. states migration is a human right. Its obvious that globalist treaties are being flavored over home grown law.

  3. Biden is doing great for usa.
    Just be patient. Once his turn is up Amercia can get their act together, and hopefully the world will follow.

    You needed such an incompetent leader to show how wrong America is being run, this could be a very good thing for the future.

  4. It's incredibly sad that "the Leader of the Free World" is naive or complicit enough to buy into the "they're using whips on babies" narrative. And I don't care … it's beyond high time we close the borders until we've taken care of the homeless problem among our OWN CITIZENS!

  5. The supervisors of these horsemen can write them up with toothless reprimands now.Later if Biden wants harsher punishments he won't be able to do it .They are covered by rules that are something like double jeopardy that will protect them .

  6. All Biden had to do was finish Trump's wall and followed the laws on immigration…hell he could have even called the wall his own I wouldn't have cared either way….and there a big problem solved that he wouldn't have had to deal with!!!

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