Biden Promises ZERO Emissions by 2020…Wait

He doesn’t even know what year he is in, LOL.

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  1. This man is the LEADER of the United States. No wonder the rest of the world is laughing at us. This man is the single weakest, most ineffective President in US history. Not an opinion. That is a FACT!

  2. he just lied out his ass you cannot have 0 emissions unless somebody has rewritten the laws of physics when you create power you use power to create it plus co2 is a naturally occurring gas that happens when we breath ,fart,any volcanic activity and when politicians speak(lie) and good freaking luck shutting them son of a bitches up.And sorry joe its also a fact electric cars produce o3 or ozone which sucks for anybody with lung ailments.

  3. EVERY politician is a rightwing corporate shill. The only difference is that the ones on the "left" are just better liars. My advice if you're on the right is Vote for a leftwing politician.
    Most liberals are too dumb to realize they're getting fucked either way.

  4. Well…at least he understands that the entire world would have to agree to reduce greenhouse emissions for it to have a noticeable effect. Especially seeing how the majority of it comes from China. I think India's biggest problem is the pollution being dumped into their sacred rivers like Gange and Yamuna. Some actually think the river purifies the raw sewage they dump into it every day. Or perhaps it's corrupt officials who don't want to invest the resources into treating the raw sewage to make it safer.

  5. "its not just united states of america" biden is such a cop out, I actually thought the democratic party would take some responsibility after the shenanigans they pulled to get in power, green promises etc… Making it sound like some fantasy world. But nope…*we don't have to because other countries still aren't* sounds like thats where we're headed

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