Biden Quid Pro Quo Scandal ERUPTS, Biden’s Call LEAKS As GOP Issues Subpoena Into Burisma Scandal

Biden Quid Pro Quo Scandal ERUPTS, Biden’s Call LEAKS As GOP Issues Subpoena Into Burisma Scandal. Three major stories just dropped seemingly all at once.

Republican senators have issued the first subpoena into the Burisma scandal targeting Blue Star Strategies over their representing of the Ukraine Firm Burisma where joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden Worked.

Just the other day Joe Biden’s phone call with the former Ukrainian president leaked showing that the country had no evidence of wrongdoing against the prosecutor who got fired at Biden’s request.

Lastly a judge has ruled that joe Biden be named as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against the former Ukrainian prosecutor he got fired.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Ironic under Bidens crime bill his druggie son should be in jail for years, instead of working on a board and making millions or is jail only for poor and middle class kids.

  2. May god help us all if Biden wins!… imagine all the locked doors with danger tapes around them all getting opened by the democrats.. urgghh imagine the global effect

  3. The Democrats were after Trump because they are not prepared to run with a progressive – having impeachment proceedings kept Sanders off the campaigning game – as a senator it is compulsory to attend impeachment hearings (six out of seven days!)…. come November the american public has the choice of electing a piece of crap or vomit…

  4. The worse MISTAKE of my life was voting for OBAMA. Many Trump haters thought he would SUCK as the POTUS. But, the people that had DOUBT. See, Trump is the best president for CITIZENS for as long as I've been alive. And I'm pretty FRICKIN OLD.
    TRUMP 2020

  5. Biden is on video 'crowing' about what he'd done. In other words, Biden admitted it, although it wan't under oath. Biden was smiling and chuckling about it.

  6. One thing I never understood, isn't it normal for politicians to try to get dirt on their opponents? I found it weird that the media was bashing Trump for something everyone in politics does… unless there is something I'm missing.

  7. Lindsey Graham is a deep state RINO. Republican In Name Only. He's all words and no action, just like Trey Gowdy. Big talk, but no action.

  8. Nearly everyday new leaks are being released on biden from Onischenko. How did hunter get into burisma? did joe (and the hillary campain) get money from ukrain by reverse gas? and many many more. the trump campain will release this in september in the us, Biden is done.

  9. Yawn
    So this all ended up being bs and the information being shared was being fed by Putin directly to the republicans
    Good job lol
    And russia gate as you put it was not proven wrong
    Quite the contrary