Biden quietly moves world closer towards armageddon. Finland ready to host nukes

Biden quietly moves world closer towards armageddon. Finland ready to host nukes
The Duran: Episode 1423



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  1. I'm fully confident the numbers are against the west in every aspect of world politics and control.
    Population, Minerals, Food production, Land mass, Oil and Gas, Precious Metals and Crystals, Armies and Nuclear BOMBS! All They have to do is Wake up to this Fact and the western fantasy/ american dream is over. And it looks like Dawn approaches!!

  2. It was not really hard to see what was happening from the offset of the S.M.O. The goals were obvious, (destroy the E.U. and get German manufacturing to move to the US). The other, and much more sinister, is the fact that if the US cannot be the global leader…….then neither can anyone else.
    I know we all state that the US public are not to blame, but who voted these people in? Who voted in the governments of the UK, France, etc.? We have already seen 2 new leaders of the UK that were not voted in by the public, yet there they are. We cannot keep pointing the finger at these leaders that are, TBH…….psychopaths. We have to accept some responsibility for our actions, (or lack of them). There should be a law in every country that allows the public to remove any current govt that is acting in a way that is not beneficial to the people of the said country….by way of vote of course.
    How has all of this come about? The most obvious answer given by the public would be, "Russia"…..they are to blame. Any of us with an ounce of intelligence knows this to be incorrect. I will not go into details as to why this has happened, you do a good job of that Alexander.
    This post is about the nuclear threat.
    I honestly believe that 90% of the worlds population are completely oblivious to what the world would look like after Armageddon. We are all so busy living our lives, working, taking kids to childcare/school, thinking of our retirement fund, paying the rent/mortgage, paying our bills, finding food each day. Even so far as yourself Alexander, getting your next video up for viewing. However, there will be no next video of you stating that a nuclear weapon has exploded. For starters the UK is No.1 on Russia's hit list…..London. There will be nothing left of London, it will be obliterated. Those that survive will die from cancer. No more requirements for schools or daycare, all the children will be dead….or dying. No need to plan out your retirement, or your funeral! No more work….bit of a bonus. Everything we have all been working for will be gone. Our hopes for our children will be no more.
    Those in power currently, do not care, they are nearing their life's end anyway,… let's go out with a bang!
    How will this play out?…….if, indeed, Armageddon is the outcome.
    Russia recently launched a military rocket to space…….what was the payload? Was it a spy communication device? was it a "star wars" laser system to shoot down ICBM's? Even if the collective launched a preemptive strike, this would not stop the automated system in Russia from striking back. So let's assume they all launch together. Russia will hit the nearest targets with hypersonic missiles first…….Europe. This will, (hopefully if Russian), stop the launching of most of Europe's nukes. The US will also get hypersonic warheads hurtling towards them, but the bulk will be ICBM's. Russia will be hit also, however, if the Russians did indeed launch a laser system into space, then most of the nuclear weapons fired at them will be destroyed in the upper layers.
    The whole episode will be devastating to us all, except for those that are in power…….that pushed the buttons……as they will be hiding in their holes.
    Is the public prepared for all this? of course not. Does the public want this? of course not. Then why are the public sticking their head in the ground and ignoring it all? Complacency, ignorance, or just fed-up with it all since Covid?
    Civilizations come and go, and this will be another episode as history provides. Humans are unable to live peacefully, thanks to the war-mongers that rally the public to hate another nation or race. The pen is mightier than the sword…..really? all that's required to break the written laws are to rip up the paper, as we see so often. There are no human rights, just privileges, that can be taken away just as quick as blinking your eye.
    I, for one, do not support Ukraine, Russia, or any other country. I support getting rid of war-mongers, murderers, rapists, and any person that wants to create harm to another person. When govts have that ideal as their main policy…….and actually implement it…..then I will support them.
    If Armageddon is inevitable, then let me add that I enjoyed your videos, and I find you a very informative and logical thinking person. If only the leaders of the world had half your intelligence then the world would indeed be a far better place for us all.

  3. When the west send nuclear bomb to Poland or Finland, the west shouldn't blame or get angry when Russia send the same to Iran, DPRK or former Soviet block. 2 or 3 or 4 can play the same game.

  4. I wouldn't say we are way behind. I'd say we are right there or in front. Just because we are not testing for the media…I would never say U.S. Military Technology is behind. Just look at the three super powers air craft…The two have stolen our designs and technologies. U.S. invented the Glide craft.
    Where the U.S. military is lacking behind is all due to Woke Military training. I do agree 100, Brandon; Neo-Con. Neo-Liberals are dangerous extremely dangerous

  5. I know most Americans don't know where Finland is; its only a strip of dirt from Russia and less than 1000Kliometers from Moscow. Finland has what EU and NATO want to control… Energy Natural Resources

  6. Strange to read these comments how people believe everything that is on the internet, someone just says something and it becomes a fact. A provable fact is the import, manufacture, possession and detonation of nukes is prohibited in Finland. Finland has no special requirements regarding NATO membership it really does not mean "bring us the nukes".

  7. My appreciation of Nixon changes as I look at the current leaders behavior. Yes, Nixon was kind of a crook, but he had the political courage and wisdom to try to talk to his foes to release World threatening tensions, something that seems impossible with the crowd that are running the show today.

  8. The west is like a freight train out of control with children at the helm . All they know how to do is to double down, increase the danger and make more worthless sanctions that backfire against their own citizens .

  9. What does Russia expect after invading Georgia in 2008, then Ukraine in 2014 and now a full scale invasion of Ukraine? Do they expect the other countries to keep their guards down? Not a chance. Poland, Sweden and Poland all will have US Nuclear weapons and Russia can't do shit. They will be a destroyed economy anyways.

  10. Biden lies so much he can't remember what he said on what day. This has to stop we need Trump just like in WWII they needed Patton to do a job and do it well. China is the one to watch.
    Alexander Finland nuclear warheads a yes in the country not sure about Taiwan not sure.

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