Biden RECORD HIGH Disapproval, DOUBLES Down On “Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’ Amid 1M Daily Cases

Ryan Grim and Robby Soave discuss President Biden’s faltering approval numbers.

President Joe Biden image courtesy of AP Photo/Andrew Harnik.

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  1. Biden needs to go back to the basement
    Those who can’t lead…blame!
    Clearly he hasn’t understood or can’t comprehend the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission
    Thus doesn’t matter if one is not vaccinated or not
    Leave the personal choice to use the vaccine as a therapeutic to each person
    And go take a nap sleepy Joe!

  2. So why are you not covering the fact that the vast majority of Omicron cases are in the unvaccinated? It's a pandemic of the JABBED, not the reverse. People's immune systems are being compromised.

  3. At this point Joe Biden is acting a lot like trump trying to stoke the flames of division,. I think the vaccine is totally fine to have out there but at this point in the pandemic I think he really needs to start exploring some new ideas for people to try? It would be a breath of fresh air to hear him speak of something new other than the vaccine over and over and over. Give people some new things to try and also give people some good news for once!!

  4. “Protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated”… I hate this quote tbh. While vaxxed do still get reinfected but the unvaxx are fighting for the people, truth, and freedom. So keep your mask on and protect them.

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