Biden Regime Labels Parents Against CRT as “Domestic Terrorists”

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  1. More people watch tik tok, YouTube and other video services than the msm. If everyone pushed anti crt videos tomorrow it would be over. Imagine if millions of people created and repeatedly shared those videos. If they got banned republished again under a new account and never stop. Imagine if people who knew what they were doing actually for a job for the culture in the schools boards. Could you imagine if the parents all got together and protested at the school. Imagine ever students parent being there. How could they ignore it then?

  2. Good. Now what they need to do is take the children off the parents. Put them in camps and teach/train them to worship the state. Then release them at 18 to join the now utopian society army and help free the world from racism and misogyny

  3. No wonder these parents are being classed as terrorists. They don't seriously expect to be classed as mostly peaceful until they've burned down some department stores do they ? smh

  4. Scary part is even if there are threats or criminal acts, it is a local police issue. Why are the feds getting involved where they don't have authority? The Biden regime using agencies against his political enemies just like his buddy Obama showed him.

  5. So let me get this straight American goverment supports and defending the INDOCRINATION of KIDS to CRT…………………….
    And if you DARE to disagree you are called terrorist……………… wow that is …………..just wow unbeliavable.

  6. I applaud the parents who are fighting this stuff but, I don't know that the school boards are the best place to start since they can only hire the teachers who it is legal to hire and all of those teachers (at least in some states) have to go through the most thoroughly indoctrinated public universities in order to get their teaching licenses. Pressuring state legislatures and governors to change the licnsing requirements to make it possible to hire teachers who are not woke would really help a lot. Also, maybe pressuring them to get those universities to defund the most woke departments would make sense.

  7. Everyone who threatens to obstruct these parents through threat or intimidation should be considered terrorists, as it is them seeing their politics advanced using violence, or threat of violence.

  8. It's time to stop saying "They're teaching critical race theory in the classroom" because it leaves a loophole for leftists to dodge the accusation with "the theory isn't being taught, it's a college level idea." Call it what it is: Critical Race Applied Principles, or CRAP for short.

  9. Angela Davis is also a “well respected” professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and has been for decades. Tens of thousands of students have been indoctrinated by her.

  10. Suck it up School Boards. The Constitution and the Amendments were designed to keep local politics local, State politics in State and the Federal government at a minimum. The First Amendment allows us to speak our mind.  New York Times Co vs Sullivan (1964) – Justice Brennan noted that in the nation's interest in "uninhibited, robust, and wide-open" debate on public issues might include "vehement, caustic and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on public officials." The Constitution requires those officials to endure such criticism unless the statements were made with "actual malice – with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not".  This is the law of the land not wish full thinking.  Who in Gods name would think that the FBI should have any business or interest in local school board meetings.

  11. Isn't it time to create a school for brainless trumpers like on this video,protesting against educated parents,and another for educated parents kids,at least , they be at peace there, and educated parents with be at peace in their own, case settled—jeeeeeez, is your choice for not being educated, stop blaming others for your choices,–, just passing,cos these type of videos reminds me how idiotic American society has become,and that is pathetic as I wonder where america will be in the next ten years with so many brainless souls.

  12. 6:21 you are seriously living in utter delusion Carl if you think trump or any other Republican will win another election ever. They fortified it last time round, they'll fortify it to the end of the republic, which God willing won't be too long now, since the system is now criminalizing parents, bottom line there is no political solution to America's woes & hasn't been for decades.

  13. Rioting in the streets, burning cities and threatening to murder Police, the President and anyone that disagrees with you = peaceful BLM protest

    Parents displaying signs outside schools opposing the teaching of racist ideologies = domestic terrorism.

  14. I wish some people would stage a coup and put the whole Biden administration against the wall of the white house and publicly executed them for treason
    Parents are domestic terrorists but the Taliban are respected partners

  15. The Bidon admin & the democrats themselves are promoting and giving oxygen to Terrorism. All the Congress including Bidon Pelosi etc should be charged, "By the people for the people"!

  16. Any time this podcast wants to use AP as a source, just remember that AP campaigned on behalf of the Nazi Party to spread propaganda in North American during the Second World War.

  17. The worst part is their claim of "threats" are almost always easily faked, some brand new twitter account, some anonymous prank call etc etc.. all so easily faked, and yet they tend to take this seriously anyway… BS

  18. look up Loudoun County Public Schools rape case
    a girl was sexually assaulted by a boy wearing a skirt in the girls restroom.
    apparently the board sat on it/covered it up, during that time another girl was attacked (we don't know if it was the same perp because underage)
    when the father confronted the school board at a meeting he was arrested
    they tried to label him a domestic "T" with this same bullshit

  19. I'm not at all surprised. Trump said it "They're not after me, they're after you, i'm just in the way."
    Its why they hate De Santis, as he is also in the way. They want control, total and complete, all dissent must be crushed.

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