Biden RIPPED In BRUTAL New Poll: ‘Reckless’ & ‘Thin Skinned’ | The Kyle Kulinski Show

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Since a survey conducted April 30-May 3, Biden has seen double-digit declines in the shares of voters who said he is a clear communicator (53 percent to 37 percent), compassionate (61 percent to 47 percent), capable of leading the country (55 percent to 41 percent) and “cares about people like me” (53 percent to 39 percent).
Forty-three percent agree that Biden is too liberal, roughly in line with the previous survey, even after months of rallying support for his massive infrastructure and social spending packages.
Amid attacks on Biden’s competency, the share of voters who describe the president as “mentally fit” has fallen 7 percentage points since May — and 10 points since the height of the presidential campaign in October 2020 — to 46 percent.
At 49 percent, voters are most likely to describe Biden as knowledgeable, though that figure has fallen 11 points since the spring.

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  1. I'm sure the far right-wingers will make everything great when they take over again. I mean, sure, Centrist are by definition, useless… maybe the fascists will be better for us (I mean, they'll probably kill me, but for the good people of the country).

  2. While i’m glad he pulled us out of Afghanistan but his administration definitely fucked up in the way they did and they deserved The criticism they got. That’s not the same as those who saying that when you should not have left. I don’t know why you can’t see the difference.

  3. wouldn't fight correctly or aggressively for his agenda? Dude doesn't know where the hell he is 95% of the time. Look at any old clip of this asshole, he ain't the same guy, and the old guy wasn't anything worth bragging about, unless you are into body counts and lobbyist/bribe money taken

  4. Lol, the only true words that came out of Bidens mouth was that nothing will fundamentally change. Don't be surprised. Only reason he won was because he was the lesser of two evils. The government needs to be purged of the corruption. Stop trying to weed out single politicians and mow the whole lawn already. Jfc

  5. I want the Dems to OWN their incompetence and arrogance and run him as the nominee. LEAN IN TO BIDEN DEMS.

    Republicans are leaving Trump to DeSantis. DeSantis V Biden would be a fun debate.

  6. I get Biden is far from perfect, and this is coming from a Sanders supporter. I know we are talking about Biden's administration. Looking at the clown show that was Trump's administration, I don't understand this set of ratings.

  7. NO $2,000 checks. NO $15 minimum wage. NO public option. NO lowering the medicare age. NO universal pre-K. Neo serious addressing of the climate crisis. No higher taxes on the rich. NO student debt relief. No maternity leave. Joe Biden is just another piece of shit. Nobody will even remember him when he's dead. He'll be like Fillmore, Harrison. People will barely remember he was president. Just another meaningless picture on the Whitehouse Walls. Pathetic.

  8. Harry Truman's approval ratings were in the fucking toilet when he was in office toward the end of his Presidency. Now, he's revered. And okay. I'll give you that he could've handled Manchin & Sinema 'mafia don' style. But, in the absence of that, what did you expect him to be able to pass, Build Back Better-wise, w/those two DINOs in the caucus?! Regardless, this MIGHT be a blessing in disguise in that if the GOP see a guaranteed victory, they may actually, finally(!) decide to ditch Trump for someone who at least won't go undermining our elections integrity & who'll adhere to the peaceful transfer of power. (Gotta try to find a silver lining somehow, right?🤷 Fuck me!🤦)

  9. I don't believe polls. Who are these people they're polling? And the vast majority of people don't even follow politics, so these polls are just parroting the media's narratives.

  10. The democrats that lose in 22 will be taken care of. Lots of lobbyist jobs and consultant fees to charge. They really don't care if they lose the majority because it gives them a campaign slogan for 24. No fundamental change is the plan. Seriously they don't care because they're making bank either way

  11. Democrats are paid to lose. The owners of the country want the crazies in charge of the country and the Dems are just stupid enough to play along.

  12. Biden's terrible polling is based on a conglomeration of many things:

    1. He's a senile old man and is incompetent.
    2. Most people that voted for him are starting regret it. Any that haven't done so will after 4 years.
    3. More people are starting to realize he didn't win the election. Any that haven't realized it yet will after 4 years.
    4. He fucked up the Afghanistan withdraw by leaving billions of dollars of weapons to the Taliban plus 2000 Americans are still there and he's not even trying to get them back.
    5. He wants to violate the Nuremburg Codes and commit crimes against humanity in order to save humanity by making it mandatory for people to take a rushed out experimental vaccine that has proven to be unsafe and ineffective. God forbid he goes the route of Germany and Austria and starts putting people in jail for not complying.
    6. High inflation which is causing the prices of goods and services to rise.
    7. There's a chain supply crisis which he's threatening not to fix until everybody gets vaccinated. Essentially he wants to starve out the whole country.
    8. He takes policy advice from the self admitted transhumanist Nazi who runs the World Economic Forum.
    9. He recently stated that all truck drivers need to be fully vaccinated by Jan 22. This will insure that the chain supply crisis will get worse.

  13. You gotta give Republicans credit… they were always right about Biden. They just see a gangster as their savior, but that's another story. Let them be amoral, American has always been wild, but please elect non corrupt leaders. Just get you government sorted and off the cash monry pipe and your good.

  14. I’m from the Netherlands and even I can see Biden is a devious liar and a fraud who just plays a role. I see Americans dividing the country into republicans and democrats while remaining blind to the fact that there’s hardly any difference. Both parties are far right. A leftist party would fight for free healthcare, tax the rich, support the BLM movement, cut the defense budget at least in half, come to terms with the countries that are now being villified, call a halt to corporate influence, ban weapons, fight climate change and so much more.
    Overthrow the system and take back control. Power to the people, not the mighty corporations.

  15. I don't understand why they think he is thin skinned? I also don't understand giving 100% blame on withdrawal or even that retaliatory strike that killed civilians. I don't think Biden went himself to Afghanistan to do intelligence on who to strike or how to do the withdrawal. Doesn't the military get any of the blame? Or did Biden actually micro manage how that all went down?

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