Biden ROASTED For Claiming He’s Running Against “George,” Trump MOCKS Biden For HIDING A Week Out

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  1. 16:57 did you really not hear the original quote? Trump was talking about light as a disinfectant and asked if we could inject something to disinfect the lungs which is turns out light therapy is a thing. I'm surprised Tim didn't even know this.

  2. I'm at the point where I genuinely believe that Biden would be treated better in jail if he was arrested for treason than he's being treated right now by his family and the DNC.

  3. I think Biden is acting , he knows he will lose the president race , he is acting more old man and in dementia so he won’t be prosecuted , he won’t go to JAIL over the LAPTOP FROM HELL !!!

  4. Why is Trump still communicating with Piers Morgan? All Morgan has done is backstab him in the press at every single given opportunity.
    The guy is a snake and his fake reporting has led to people dying.

  5. If Joe gets elected itll be like that episode of American Dad where Stan is shown a different time line where the newly elected president immediately bows down to the russian leader after being sworn in, except Joe would do it unwittingly

  6. You know….I do feel horrible for making fun of joe and I mean it…I guess most of us probably felt like I did, that it's all in fun and that they are trying to destroy our country so he deserves it…but after careful thought I feel awful and I pray for him and his family, and the democratic party…they need help so desperately. Its trully sad

  7. This is lose/lose for Joe. If he loses, Trump can arrest his son and destroy his legacy. If he wins, the Democrats can impeach him because of the laptop scandal and put Kamala in charge.