Biden Said It Wasn’t “True” That Afghan Government Would Collapse, He Was Wrong

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Written by GOP


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  1. The absolute worst part of this is the fact he is so badly compromised by China, they ordered Biden to withdraw our Troops and he did as he was ordered, this is nothing but Treason & Sedition!!.

  2. Be ashamed Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Liz Chaney, Mike Pence, Dan Crenshaw, and all the other RINOs who handed this country over the Biden and his CCP allies by ignoring obvious election fraud. You did nothing to stop it and still deny the truth. This is on you.

  3. Why are “Republican” governors & senators so quick to call for resettlement of Afghani refugees when all American citizens haven’t even been evacuated and brought home from Afghanistan yet?

  4. According to the lapse in our country's morals and the polls indicating our people's preference for socialism, we got what we DESERVE with Joe Biden! So how do you like it NOW???

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