BIDEN Says He Will INCREASE the Military Budget!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. His own kid's death was probably caused by the burn pits; a side effect of military service. And no, he doesn't give a damn. He is one sick bastard.

    On top of all the usual complaints, I think we're overdue for the next Big Event, like a new 9-11. Trump is not smart enough, and I can't imagine that they would trust him to keep his mouth shut. Biden is a psychopath, and approaching senility, but he'll do it. And when he's too senile, they'll just keep him away from the press. Biden scares me more than Trump.

  2. This is the real issue they're trying to hide de fund the military keep the police bring the military home let them protect your country not somebody else's

  3. USA = raft of the medusa ! This is not what you want to be as individual, this is what They have made with you, poor ignorant people, you let yourself to be led by ignorance and candy. Some people wanted the decline of 500 years of victory. They destroyed your ecology, your time and the rise of your inner dragoon. Subdued by the mad sects and the fools of them.

  4. Those who shouted down our veteran are people who know which $ide their bread i$ buttered on. That $imple. Nothing else matters to them, nothing else will ever matter to them. They can't grasp anything else.

  5. Let him say what he wants Jimmy.
    He'll be hurling his own dung at the cameras when the debates start, and Trump will have a noticeable facial tic as his madness can no longer be concealed.
    I may have to watch them from the toilet as I will be pissing myself the whole time.
    Truly exceptional.

  6. I know its popular, easy, and fun to oppose neo-fascism. but 60 years of crime by entrenched neo-liberalism has already doomed us all. please do not endorse any party. write in a prominent name or just dont vote.

  7. Jimmy Dore would have 30 million subscribers if he simply stops attacking white people for being: white. Does he insult a.n.y.o.t.h.e.r. group like that? Any other group?

    Hmmm, why not?

  8. Joe Biden said he will pass gun control lol. So while we’re getting our police defunded and abolished and we’re having rioting in all 50 states he wants to disarm us… incredible. So can’t call the police. Can’t protect yourself either. How do you vote for that?

  9. You are 100% right Jimmy.
    We’re not against the soldiers. We love them. The countries we are attacking don’t deserve to be attacked by us. All recent wars are based on OIL! The coups in Venezuela. Pushed and planned by the the CIA. Anything Middle East. Iraq, Yemin, Syria, ….? Fossil Fuels?…..

    If you don’t understand all of this, either review or just go to sleep. It’s nappy time?

  10. The difference? I’ve done intensive research and it turns out ine has orange hair and the other one looks „good“ in aviator-glasses

    That’s pretty much it ??‍?