Biden says “The Pandemic is Over” | HHS tries to walk it back | Who is right? | A Doctor Explains

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Professor

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  1. 75 years old, I choose to live the most normal life i could during the pandemic, I am not injected, and never caught covid, I saw many injected people around me being sick with covid, I believe that most of us would have develop natural immunity if the authorities would have allowed healthy people to choose not to be injected, and if they would have taken better care of the more vulnerable people in society.

  2. With all due respect, Vinay, taking simple public health measures like wearing a mask when out and about is not unreasonable. I can still meet people and socialize with it. I've been on 45 flights since the start of the pandemic last year and test weekly (due to my condition) and always test negative. Saying that we should wave the white flag to COVID and pretend like everything is 100% back to normal is wrong. If there is a debate to be made, it is whether things like stay at home orders and travel restrictions had any impact on the spread of COVID. I highly doubt it and is why we are seeing this pandemic fatigue.

  3. It is time for us to file a class action lawsuit against the music industry for their large investment into gangster rap, and the orchestrated violence that is going on in our communities. Not to mention a class action lawsuit against the cia for their involvement in the distribution of crack cocaine in our communities as well. It's go time!

  4. The scamdemic was over 6 months after it started but they kept it going by masking and using RT-PCR tests to drive the positive numbers testing both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients for no other reason than to get positives. What does a positive RT-PCR test mean in someone with zero symptoms and no documented exposure? Nothing in past pandemics because we don't test those patients. What about the asymptomatic spreading you may yell? I would argue that it is limited and that the "news" stories touting asymptomatic spreading were false or very overblown for effect. I am an MD/PhD with over 30 years of experience and I have been through many pandemics and this one was a farce. They did NO prevalence testing at all which is how we get out of the pandemic but over 3 years later they are JUST NOW doing them. Our state lab was told specifically that they could not do them until the pandemic was OVER. Why? To keep it going for sure. They will never let this go. Never.

  5. I suppose that there was no pandemic from 2020 until now either? It was just the accepted mantra that there WAS one?
    People dying of or with Covid has never been really known, so….
    The word 'pandemic' appears to have no scientific basis or reasoning to be? It is only a pandemic if one FEELS it to be so?

  6. NYC is mostly masked in my neighborhood. And is it deeply disturbing. There needs to be public announcements, commercials, etc to tell people it is ok and GOOD to take their filthy useless cloth masks off and breath fresh air. I still know people who will not go out in public. These people need help and our PUBLIC OFFICIALS (the ones who caused this damage) need to resolve this.

  7. Today's new talking points about CV 19 is that death in most cases is UNKNOWN CAUSE OF DEATH yet the VAST MAJORITY of death from UNKNOWN CAUSES almost all had one thing in common . ALMOST ALL HAD GOTTEN THE JAB .

  8. I really liked the video, but disagree with the call for compassion for those still following the silly guidelines. This is a Darwinian moment for the human race. Those who died from Covid overwhelmingly had co-morbidities. Those still locked in their fear have mental problems. The human race is better off without them. Yeah, that’s harsh. Darwinian selection is harsh. If the ‘fraidy-cats keep socially isolating and consequently do not breed, then the gene pool will benefit. Our cushy life style allows too much weakness to survive. The tree of life requires pruning from time to time.

  9. If the pandemic is over, what is the thing that's taken its place that justifies continued vax and mask mandates? Why are the emergency use authorizations still in place for the biological products being sold… shouldn't the drugs now be on standard market like other drugs?

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