Biden Says The US WILL Intervene In Taiwan If Needed, He Is Gaffing Us Into WW3

Joe Allen
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  1. I'm literally the only person in my family on Twitter. That's a big chunk of reality and perspective missing from Twitter. I suspect there is very small amount of people who is on or cares about Twitter and they think everyone else does too lol.

    It's like people calling Xbox live the light of human consciousness lol. Just replace the word Twitter in these conversations with Xbox live, that's how silly it all seems to me sometimes.

  2. When you are able, in any given moment, to find the laughter, to find the love, your life as you have lived it through the filter of your mind, will be over. To know the self is to see the self, to see the self is to understand the self, to understand the self is to learn, to learn is to teach – this is the obligation set by each student as they walk the path to healing.

  3. No shit bud, when Trudeau jumped from attacking Canadas freedom Convoy to escalating the conflict in Ukraine I knew right then world war was their agenda after their health mandates failed to coerce us into submission, world war was klaus' plan b.

  4. You can't fix the US, it's broken. Also, you're making the mistake of attempting a top down solution to a problem created by other top down "solutions".
    You can (with the Almighty's help) fix yourself. You can likely fix your family. You could possibly fix your community and maybe, just maybe, fix your State.
    Now I'm sounding like Jordan Peterson, but there are worse things, I suppose.

  5. People didn't really panic after the War of The Worlds broadcast. Most people freaked out for a second, looked out their window and maybe called the police. One or two people freaked out and newspapers ran with this sensationalized story of "RADIO MAKES PEOPLE PANIC, GET RID OF THIS THING THAT COMPETES WITH US FOR YOUR ATTENTION"

  6. In this particular instance, I think he said the correct thing (even if by accident). We WILL intervene in Taiwan, and China needs to know it before they make the same mistake Russia did. Now, the corresponding confusing, disjointed response by administration officials after the fact is a different matter….

  7. Biden is not in charge. He does not run this Nation or decide its fate. We The People reject him and will not go to war or do anything this clown says. These people only have the power you give them. If you cease to believe in that power, they become worthless

  8. Honestly, if we were in good economic condition, I'd be fine with intervention in Ukrain, and Taiwan. But as it stands, pivoting to a total war footing just isn't feasible at the moment. We probably shouldn't have spent so much blood and money inventing a war in the desert to fight forever.

  9. China and Russia are the same thing they are working together if you think we should help defend Ukraine then we should also help defend Taiwan stop looking at this from a party's perspective and start looking at it as war tactics it doesn't matter if you stop an evil empire from expanding in one territory if you just let them take another it is not been a secret that China North Korea and Russia have all been trading at all been under some sort of team up for years. If Taiwan or Ukraine didn't ask for our help then we don't have a right to interfere if they ask for our help we do it's really simple. You can stop the Communists across the ocean or you can let them make it to our shores we understood this over a hundred years ago I don't understand why we don't now. The only thing more frustrating than the retard we have in office is how people keep interpreting his actions for their own political party or to discredit the other. The same people saying we should have helped fight for Ukraine are saying we shouldn't help Taiwan. You know what that makes you? A hypocrite who's opinion is completely based on their political party and not morals.

  10. So Biden actually did something right? Drawing clear lines is the surest way to avoid war. People start wars because they think they can get away it.

    Plus the US has held the position that China is one country, but that a PRC attempt to resolve the dispute by force would result in US intervention since 1973. See the Taiwan Defense Act.

  11. The US doesn't want to intervene in Taiwan. The US does the same thing they did with Ukraine for years. Pretend like they are definitely going to help them, fast-tracking them on EU and NATO membership and then put boots on the ground to fnish Russia.

    This was all designed to make Ukraine think it has got a shot against Russia, so they start a conflict, but the second it started the US took EU and NATO membership of the table, admitted it was a lie, and declared there would be no military intervention by the US or NATO, then proceeded to loan them billions worth of outdated equipment to ensure Ukraine will be totally financially dependent on the US and EU for decades.

    The US is an evil empire. They deliberately drive small nations into conflict against their enemies with promises of full support and then let them hang out to dry, giving them only so much support to ensure that their enemy is caught in a dragging conflict, and fighting by proxy until the small nation is totally destroyed.

    You'll see, they promise military support to Taiwan now to egg them on, and give them confidence to declare independence. And the second they do, America will pull military intervention off the table immediately, send them shitloads of weapons' loans to profit the oligarchs, and push for regime change and sanctions in China. Until Taiwan is destroyed and a part of China.

    But that doesn't matter to the US. Because the US is not interested in Taiwan. The US is interested in gaining a reason to pull out a complete sanction package on a peer competitor and be able to openly push for regime change, i.e. start a cold war with China. Not that it would be anymore successful than the Russian sanctions, but the US is still convinced of its old game plan, so they will absolutely make the same mistake twice.

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