Biden Scandal Goes NUCLEAR, Ex-Partner Has Gone To The FBI With ALL Evidence Being Copied Over

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  1. Hunter Biden's own emails, Tony Bobulinski a corroborating witness and former Biden business partner, thousands more emails on there way from Bevan Cooney another Biden's business partner – LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP.

  2. Nobody cares about this story. It’s one of those Benghaziesque things that the right will kick and scream about for years and the left will just pretend isn’t happening.

    This story will have zero impact on the election because it’s yet another one of these daily dramas in which who you believe depends entirely upon which party you support. It’s a thing to bicker over on Reddit…it means nothing to the average voter.

  3. Tim thinks Trumps $180,000. bank account in China is bad, equal to Biden taking $5,000,000. from the Chinese. How foolish and unthoughtful of Tim to make the two equally bad. Trumps acct. is traceable and accessible to anyone who cares to or needs to know and his "intent" was not to keep it a secret, as was Biden's. So, how is it "bad", Tim?

  4. That guy is about to get screwed over by the FBI. Prediction, they will trip him up during the interview, say he lied and he will end up in jail.

  5. Text rules: you would pay taxes when the loan is Forgiven. If the loan is never forgiven, you technically never had income as you still owe the money. if there is documentation showing the the loan was a gift, not a loan, then there could be tax implications immediately.

  6. If the FBI starts an investigation it will be buried.
    FBI will say "We can't comment on an ongoing investigation"
    This can go on forever.
    The Congress can demand evidence from the FBI but they won't disclose anything.
    Congress can investigate themselves, but anything they disclose to the public will be either discounted or ignored by the Media.

  7. FBI Agent: "Tony, follow me, someone is very eager to know what you know.

    Tony: "Sure."

    (Tony walks into a room and sees Hillary Clinton)
    Hillary: "Hello, Tony it's been awhile. I guess you forgot about our last conversation."

    (Tony screams and is suddenly silenced)

  8. I give Mr. Bobulinski the full benefit of the doubt for his motivation. Coming from a large family, a full time participant in high school sports and a former member of the armed forces, my life's experience has made me fully aware it's not about me, but the team. What man would stand by while his family name is pinned to Joe Biden and the lies and corruption he is involved in. Revenge not required. That's more than enough motivation. "You lieing, cheating, filthy, corrupt, snake said what about my family?"