Biden Screwed Up Again: North Korea Demonstrates New ICBM Capable Of Hitting Continental US

Biden F**ked Up Again: North Korea Can Now Hit Any Part Of The US With A Nuke

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Written by Jamarl Thomas

This channel is an honest analysis of the news with a progressive view point without allegiance to anything other than the truth. At least in as far as I can determine based on the evidence present. I won't always be right, but I will always be honest about it.You can support my work by liking, sharing, and commenting on my videos, in addition to joining my Patreon account.I want to thank everyone for their support. It's immensely appreciated, completely humbling, and to some degree totally unanticipated. I just wanted to change the narrative of the prevailing paradigm. This channel allows me to do such. Thank you for the opportunity.


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  1. corrupt inept politicians who only serve the rich and powerful are so shortsighted by their greed, they will be the end of us all.
    only promote people with the samethink as them into positions of power.
    these are our elites, they will be the end of us all.

  2. Russia send to Ukraine 9 out of 70 divisions she have. And those second grade troops slowly demolishing country of 44 millions and 600 000 heavily armed army. Russia is much stronger than people can imagine.

  3. You been in the military
    You. Ay need to help train and educate people in survival
    Not necessary just in some killing activity or whatever
    But how to desalination piss into water
    Ir heal a broken bone or whatever knowledge you have
    Assuming the worst
    But you survival it
    As an example
    That is a leader
    Knowledge and skill
    And how to properly apply knowledge and methodology
    How to develop tools
    Bows or arrows
    I would oul slick them tanks fir example
    Choke points or a fork in the road
    I don't think tanks will do well on a oil slick road
    And I mean absolutely slippery
    As an example
    You have to work with what you have to work with
    conventional or not
    And is a psychological game as well
    Magic tricks
    Art of illustration
    Or stealth
    You should know things, Dude
    That ste useful in knowledge
    Utilize what you know and have
    All I can say, Star Trek, Bro
    Viva la ewokian 👩👌👈😎 now make her wappy

  4. But that's because you don't understand shit chaos was the plan all along saving US Imperial hegemony is all they care about.
    Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa it was one of the fastest upcoming countries in the world and we destroyed it look forward can ever be a threat threat that's what we do in the United States rule through oppression..

  5. Of those weapons going into Ukraine many are going to be rerouted into western Europe and put in the hands of all the new Brenton Tarrant's that are being forged in this war foot soldiers for global capitalism's ongoing Gladio operation.

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