Biden Seeks Julian Assange Extradition.

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  1. That part where max said they lost the ability command respect is so important most people just glance over it, this is why they will start clamping down and censoring, but it will snowball and eventually be their end

  2. Biden wont do shit, as well Trump didn,t do shit, the only thing now is that the democratic party is ruler which Hilary Clinton likes better, but still it wont make a lot diffrences in the Situation…..First of all a person needs to be in the USA and been convicted before getting a Presidential Pardon, So Trump simply couldn,t do shit, he only could have stopped the extradiction itself, which would make him really look bad because he loves Wikilieaks a thousend times during his electioncampain, so that wasn,t gonna happen period……Under Biden well it was the Democratics who were seekeing extradiction in the first place so it would be unethical for Biden to whitdraw all that, simply logic thinking, it wont mean now that Biden continues that with the Virginia Prosecuters that it ever will happen, Assange already has been hold back and it is all now just depending on the Appeal, which in fact now is a fight against Human Rights, which makes a bad imago which makes it that the USA again show their abusive ways and manners…………Appeal wont mean shit since the Europian Convention for Human Rights is blocking them, next to that if they overrulke that the dicussion still would go on over the fact if Guilty beeing is in fact fact… which i see ok military documents, but if you would or your leaker in which you couldn,t hold your shit togheter as the USA would just have send it to some chinese guy iin China who can hardly read english but just puts it out there you cannot even say the chinese dude is guilty and needs to come to the USA that Assange Documentet it is another Story blaming him for curious eyes also is another story……….getting mexicans into the usa so they can be trafficed so they can do labour in slavery condition so they can traffic drugs so they can be abused………… fact of the matter is basicly the usa who shits on human rights…………

  3. I have come to the conclusion the capitalist system is the root cause of most problems we see today.

    The capitalist system drives human behavior. At the heart of the capitalist system is the constant programming to consume. A system predicated on infinite consumption assumes that we live on a planet with infinite resources.

    This is where We call the current capitalist system unscientific because we live on a closed system on one planet with limited resources.

     if it's one thing science has learned recently it's that human behavior is directly affected by the environment all the way down to your DNA coding your DNA will not activate unless certain events happen in the environment. We are not built a certain way humans are extremely malleable especially in our behavioral tendencies. this is why I think capitalism has to go it is the overarching system that drives human behavior at this time I'm looking at the history of capitalism built by the elites and serving them to this day.

    Any system where you're forced to submit your labor for income is really not that far away from being slavery.

    We've taken into account capitalism has long history of failure going back it has a trend of depressions or complete collapses we all know about the Great Depression of the 1920s more recently there was crash in the 90s and the 2008 recession and most recently the complete failure of capitalism to cope with the Coronavirus.

    These champions of capitalism are slick I'll give them that but here's why they're wrong. Their clever math comes from how they Define poverty. According to the World Bank anyone making a dollar 91 cents a day is considered poor everyone else is okay but that number isn't actually based on the living cost of any actual person it's totally arbitrary could you live on a dollar 91 cents per day the United Nations doesn't think so they say everyone would need at least four times that $7.40 cents per day to get the absolute minimum for quote basic nutrition and normal human life expectancy. Using this more realistic number. The number of people in poverty has actually increased over the last four decades to a whopping 4.2 billion poverty has gone up not down.

     the main problems we find with capitalist system is it has no connection Public Health it has no sustainability standards built within. 

     Capitalism constantly drives people towards a selfish greedy behavior. Capitalism is directly responsible for us having a classist Society where there is different tiers depending on your wealth.  

    we know through science that when wealth is more equally distributed the health of a Nation is enhanced.

    Capitalism doesn't seek to equally distribute wealth it doesn't seek to take care of basic needs like food water and shelter Medical needs.

    We need a new Economic model based in science and meeting the needs of people While maintaining Environmental Balance 

    Solutions to the problems created by the capitalist system entail democratizing the workplace it's time that we put decision-making power back in the hands of the workers.

    Worker cooperatives will be key in reversing top down control structures. In worker cooperatives decisions are made from the bottom up.

  4. I believe Trump held off on pardoning Assange for this very reason. He knew the dems hated Assange and would hang him if they could get their hands on him. While the dems think that their heroes are on the good side, Assange knows all their sins, and is a major threat to them. Maybe now some more of these sleeping sheep may finally wake up to all their lies.

  5. stef you are right about females never putting female for the most part nerdfighteria and others set up their own surveys to figure out real peoples ages and genders and it ends up being the ages wrong because of the stupid 13 year old rule they either had at one point or have

    some want to be seen as older and lie and it ends up that the youtube statistics way off

  6. No one is shocked. Its gonna keep happening. The aide who threatened a journalist who was actually reporting on journalism only got a one week suspension. And according to the lying ginger that is extremely severely to them even tho he "promised" to show them the door if disrespect etc ever happened under his admin. America allegedly voted for this so I can only for so much empathy when I know I'm surrounded by morons

  7. In 2016 Obama/Biden for profit wars dropped over 26,000 bombs on 7 countries in the Middle East killing or destroying the lives of millions of innocent men, women and children.

    In 2015 Obama/Biden dropped depleted uranium bombs on Iraq and Syria killing thousands of innocent people and turning residential neighborhoods into nuclear waste dumps.

    Obama and Biden took Insurance and Big Pharma money to block life saving Medicare for ALL knowing 70,000 Americans lives could be saved each year.

    Obama/Biden bailed out Wall Street while leaving millions more homeless.

    Obama joked about lead poisoning of poor black people in Flint Michigan.

    Biden/Clinton 1994 Racist Crime Bill, which is still the law of the land, locked up more Blacks than Jefferson Davis.

    Biden leveraged US tax dollars to buy political favors for family members.

    Somehow Democrats and Neoliberal news would have us believe Trump and Republicans are the problem.

    Democrats, a Party of World Class Sociopaths led by Obama and now Biden.

    Corporate news, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  8. Είναι. Αλλη. Μια. Απόδειξη ότι. US. UK. Έχουν. Σατανικής.πολιτικη.. Και. Όποιος είναι.. Στην. Εξουσια η. Πολυτικη. Του. Σατανά. Συνεχίζει. Είναι.. Πολυτικα.. Οικονομικα. Στρατιοτηκα.. Πεθαμένοι. Και. Εξακολουθούν. Να. Κυνηγούν ένα..άνθρωπο. Που. Το.. Εκλιμα. Που. Έχει. Κάνη. Εβγαλε. Μαζί. Με. Την. Τσελσι. Μάνη.. Τες. Βρωμιές. Τον. Σατανικό. Δυνάμεων.. Και. Τους. Φυλους. Τους. Ότι. Και. Να. Κάνη. Ο. Νέος. Πρωεδρο. Της. US. Δεν. Πρωκηται. Να. Φέρι. Πησο. Την. Ανθρωπια.. Η. Ανθρωπια.. Δεν. Την. Αγοράζει από. Τον. Πακκαλη.. Την. Έχεις. Η. US. Πολυτικη. Δεν. Έχει. Ανθρωπια. Για. Να. Φερης. Την. Ανθρωπια. Και. Να. Σε. Σέβονται. Οι. Χωρες. Του. Πλανήτη. Πρώτα. Να. Κηταξεις. Να. Διορθωσης. Τα. Πρωβληματα. Τις. US. Να. Βρης. Λυση. Για. Τον. Κορονιον..για.την.ανεργεια..και.μετα..να.λες..τη.θα.κανουν.η.αλλες..χωρες..αν.τα.κανης.αυτα.μπορει.να.σε.σεβαστη..καμια..χωρα.αλλα.εχεις.πολλες.χωρες..ππαπης.που.θα.σε..ακολουθησουν.στον..ταφο..

  9. Free Assange because Jimmy Dore will be next, yeah? F Biden. F the DNC! Thank you Jimmy for covering Julian so much. I love you man! Write Biden people! Set that csucker straight!
    Oh yeah. Cover those two Iranian tankers the US hijacked last year and just sold the oil off!

  10. Assange and Snowden will never be truly free. Globalist will leverage them to keep other journalist in line.
    We haven’t seen true freedom of the main stream press for decades.

  11. I don`t think it was the govt secrets that put the bullseye on Assange, it was the Democrat E-mails. They were very embarrassing to many high ranking Dems and they want revenge.