Biden Sends $1 BILLION More In Aid To Ukraine | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar scrutinize the decision by Biden to send $1 billion more in military aid to Ukraine after repeated requests from Zelensky for immediate assistance with battling the Russians

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  1. We should only give as much as a European country, let them fund this war for once, then on the other hand, Biden could give that money to citizens, maybe rebuild the infrastructure instead of giving it to defense companies.

  2. Given out track record since WW II, there is no reason to believe the US will do anything successful in Ukraine. We are such arrogant idiots. The war is not for the people of Ukraine. It is for more profits for the warfare industry.

  3. Ukraine was supposed to be Russia's 1980s Afghanistan quagmire that bled the USSR dry. It turns out, Ukraine is the US's quagmire that is bleeding the American Empire dry. Biden is too dumb and too senile to reverse ship.

  4. Australia just had to shut down its energy market because prices hit a prescribed cap and when the energy regulator capped the price many private energy suppliers refused to sell into the domestic market because they wouldn’t be able to capitalise on even higher profits domestically. Yeesh…thats capitalism baby.

  5. Krystal ! How many f ing presidents hiw many f ing times went to Moscow and taljed to Putin beforw this thing started. He always said he will not invade even as he pur 200 000 soldiers on the border. Even IF putin wants to talk he can not be trusted. Even Angela Markel said that she concluded that the only language Putin understands is force

  6. Maybe russian citizens should feel economic pain because The majority of russian citizens support Purin because the majority of the russian population is demographically old and they miss the Soviet times when Russia was powerful and invading countries left and right

  7. Putin has had cancer for years now and his appearance lately seems to show that he is in the heavy steroid intervention stage of treatment. I’m just saying that he is just a man and probably a man who does not have long to live or at least the energy to keep fending off his internal enemies. Biden dead, Putin dead then what? Well, nothing new because our shared system of oligarchy über alles dictates that we are all just life support systems for oligarchs and multinational corporations. That what makes the Matrix such an enduring analogy. It can always get worse with Kamala Harris or some as yet unnamed Kremlin crony. They will represent the same broken system. Not broken for the oligarchs. Chaos and death are just spreadsheet variables to them. What they cannot abide is an assault on their wealth or the immortality of the corporation. To Biden this is the best of all possible worlds. He is the living breathing proof of the Peter Principle. Kamala Harris cannot stop laughing because she just fell backwards into the understudy role of a still too powerful of a position in American politics. Biden promised nothing will fundamentally change and a crash is not a change. One million dead from a virus is novel but not a change. Another war is not a change either and we are too inured to causing death abroad to seriously consider other tough options. I don’t mean sanctions because that is an act of war.

    The horrors of the Second World War are just cloudy specter to almost everyone still living. I see posts about WWII and they are sickeningly ra ra about how noble, great and courageous the fight was. I had too many relatives who barely survived that war to ever sing it’s praises. There was nothing glorious or inevitable about it. It was thousands of decisions large and small that lead up to it. Hitler was just a man. Stalin was just a man, as was Roosevelt. They each made decisions that cost millions of lives. Once that power was granted it has never been taken away.

    Krystal and Saager are outliers in opposition to, or at least to further escalating the war. Neither are dedicated peaceniks but they are both intelligent and sensitive. They saw the many ways in which the Bush-Cheney era wars were destructive not only abroad but to the American homeland itself. Wars either have to stop or wars will destroy all of human life. A certain percentage, as these two always love percentages, is perfectly ok with that. I can’t say what that percentage is but I’m from Utah and the mormons definitely believe in an end of times battle. Do they really believe that? I lived for fifty years in Utah and never actually met anyone who was ok with an Armageddon scenario. Half of the state is supposedly mormon so you tell me.

    Gandhi was supposed to be a man of peace but look into how many dead that lie is based on. The only man of peace in my lifetime was Gorbachev and he was internally exiled for going all in on peace.

    One of these days Krystal and Saagar will have to go all in for something that they believe in and I hope that it is peace. Without the equivocations of peace through strength or unity in might. Peace means peace and supporting Ukraine means war. War means death. That’s all it means. If we really want to show the world how strong America is then stop the constant war posturing and saber rattling. Dismantle the ICBMS and submarines and aircraft carriers. Stop all sanctions. These two lovely people are pale echoes of what were once founded as peace parties. The libertarians and the socialists. Go back to your philosophical roots and relentlessly push for peace. Of course you would be de-platformed or worse. And so the ball keeps bouncing down the long staircase.

  8. You defend the right of Ukrainians to defend themselves? Maybe you could guess what Ukrainians want when you consider that they voted for a Russia leaning president who was removed by the US/Nazi alliance. Redacted shows a video of Ukrainians in the Donbas applauding the Russian tanks entering their area. Ukrainians are dominated by the Nazi influence and are spending US tax dollars to kill over 14,000 citizens in the Donbas. Finally, if the Ukraine/US promised to keep their promise to Russia and not allow Nato in, Russia would not have entered Ukraine.

  9. I agree that Europe is underperforming in arms shipments but when you say 'the US is sending billions worth and UA is still losing', keep in mind that UA has been begging for heavy artillery for weeks, and the US is giving them what..10 units? Taking 2 months to do so? Of course UA is losing ground they are not receiving the weapons they need. Also, Putyin does not want to negotiate, he's using those talks to stall while they take more territory. I know you think conversation/ceasefires are possible but the moment UA officially lets go of territory, Russia will say ok now if you ever try to take it back you're getting nuked.

  10. Where does this 60Bill come from all of a sudden, is it even 60 in reality or it is marked up for a good deed hyped up illusion to make themselves look good since they where involved in making this war in the first place, those bullets, guns, big weapons are worth "nothing" to Ukraine because it's a war zone, Ukraine is turning into dust nothing will be valuable there.

    That "60billion"(probably 20 billion actually useful) could've been used instead of focusing on Ukraine joining NATO and now needing aid🙄

    The people providing aid or owning the weapons just wanna get paid through American taxes that's the truth, Ukraine was the sacrifice

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