Biden Sends MORE Weapons To Ukraine, MSM Narrative CRUMBLES As War Prolongs

Senior fellow and military expert at Defense Priorities, retired Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, weighs in on the new $700M Ukraine weapons deal that includes long-range missiles capable of striking Russian targets with precision.

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  1. If ukrain gives up the there eastern territories like Russia wants then all its gona do is create a temporary cease fire and a build up of Russian equipment on there boarders. Russia has been forcing them to give up territories for almost ten years now they won't stop untill they get to Moldova.

  2. What is most important is how the US will reclaim these weapons from Ukraine after everything is said and done…. The billions of dollars being spent and given to Ukraine to secure the territory for US control could be used in such more productive ways….

  3. The more weapons Biden sends, the more Ukrainians will die. These weapons are not to help Ukraine; they are to damage Russia. The Ukrainians are just cannon fodder. This is a spectacular waste of taxpayer money.

  4. I'm in awe…. on the one hand Biden condemns weapons sold to 18yr olds in the US. On the other hand he arms young men in Ukraine to go get killed… The US is something else….

  5. This is so sad. NATO and now the U.S. keep whispering in Zaleskys ear "we got you…keep fighting…come west to NATO" as his nation loses. NATO is to blame hete…courting Ukraine in the false promise. Ukraine is ethnically and historically Russian. They are not of western European nations like NATO. Shame on NATO

  6. A "legit" election. WW3 doesn't do "I didn't know or but much mean tweets". USA: the only reason to fight is that CCP is worse….. right now.

  7. Everybody is entitled to have an opinion. Why former this Lt Col is so certain he knows more than all the Generals and Admirals is beyond me. Lt Cols don’t do strategic planning. I’m sure a top noncommissioned Ukrainian officer with experience with MLRS systems could learn a HIMAR system twice as fast as you when you were first out of initial Army training.

  8. I don't get it. Russia attacked Ukraine, and Biden gives Ukraine missiles that they cannot use the attack inside Russia? The way I see it, Russia needs to be taught a lesson.

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